Edy - 2 - legged

Age: app. born July 2020
Gender: male
Height: app. 45 cm
Sociable with: male and female dogs, puppies and cats

Handicap: left hind leg severed up to the knee (earlier accident),
                  left front leg up to the elbow no more feeling
                  (probably severed nerves)

At the beginning of March, someone told Anca about a place on the outskirts of Trusesti, a farm with cows and pigs, where there were several dogs that had probably been abandoned there a long time ago. The dogs kept having puppies, but they often died. Anca phoned to get more information about the location of this farm. Finally, she managed to speak to the owner of the farm. Anca offered to visit him and help if possible.

Anca's wish was to have these dogs neutered so that the reproduction there would stop. She then wanted to take the furry noses back to their "place of residence" to continue feeding them there. One male from this pack had a handicap. His left hind leg was amputated up to the knee. Probably due to an accident that happened a long time ago.

When Anca brought neutered dogs back to this farm a few days later, she saw the handicap male with a new injury on his front leg. It appeared to be broken. Edy, as Anca now called the male dog, hopped up to her on two legs and allowed himself to be stroked. Anca took Edy with her and wanted to introduce him to her vet in Botosani. She hoped that there would be a way to help Edy. And so it happened. Anca's vet suggested a fixator on Edy's front leg. It was an attempt to save Edy's leg. However, at that time they couldn't be sure that the nerves, ligaments and tendons were still intact. This would only be found out when the fixator was removed. Edy was a very kind and patient patient who let everything happen to him without any resistance or grumbling.

After some time, the fixator was removed. Unfortunately, it turned out that Edy was not putting any weight on his front leg. Anca's vet suggested a second operation to insert a plate. Unfortunately, this option did not bring the desired success for Edy either. The nerves were probably damaged in the accident. Edy cannot use his left front leg/paw. The vet sees no other way to help Edy. Edy now hops around his little world on 2 legs.

Edy is a very cuddly and affectionate male dog who is grateful for every little bit of attention and enjoys it. Just being there is enough for this handsome male. Edy likes to lie in the sun and watch the goings-on around him. He also gets on well with other dogs, regardless of gender, size or age. He likes companions who play gently with him while lying down and cuddling. Edy avoids other dogs that romp around him too much, run or even bump into him, and goes on his way. Cats are no problem at all for Edy. He accepts them as full members of the family.

Edy copes very well with his handicap. He has learnt to keep his balance. Edy even jumps/runs up and down a few steps at an amazing speed. Edy also jumps onto elevated loungers so that he can be properly cuddled by two-legged friends. If a visitor comes into the outdoor area where Edy lives with Anca, he jumps/runs towards the 2-legged friend to greet him. He usually sits down in front of the person and waits to be stroked. Then his eyes light up and it seems as if Edy is smiling.

We are looking for help, an opportunity for this cuddly male where he can enjoy his years, with lots of cuddles, a soft basket and a nice, securely fenced garden. Perhaps a place of mercy, perhaps people who would like to give Edy a home at ground level. Even if the chances are very slim, we hope so much that Edy will find a forever home.

Edy will be completely vaccinated, chipped, castrated and dewormed by the time he embarks on his journey.


If you're interested, please contact us under the following email-adress:
Britta Gebauer, E-Mail: info@animals-safe-place.com

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