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Help for Strays and dogs at chains around and at Trusesti, Romania.



A community made up of six smaller villages in the Botosani district, located in nothern Romania. Surrounded by breathtaking landscape of hills, meadows and small forests. Flocks of sheep and cows, and even the occasional horses graze here.

Trusesti itself is the community-center with shops, simple restaurants and a highschool. But if you walk along the dusty alleyways, you quickly notice that wealth is not at home here. Quite the opposite, actually – you feel transported back in time. Simple, small houses, wood burners, in part the needed water is still being collected from the nearby well. In gardens and on farms watchdogs are doomed to live out a pitiful existence, often without proper nutrition, shelter or human affection.

Many dogs and cats are inside and around Trusesti are strays. A part of them used to have a home once, but since then have been abandoned and left to fend on their own.

Reasons for that tends to be their owners getting fed up with them, or seeing them as useless. But also poverty and ignorance play a big part in this. Many residents are simply unable to afford food or veterinary care any longer.

Most of the cats and dogs are not equipped for the daily fight for survival on the streets, fields and in woods. They’re too young, too old, too sick – many dogs lose their lives in accidents or are killed through torture.

Anca Melinte has been working as a teacher in the local high school for years, witnessing the suffering and misery of the strays and dogs in chains. She felt the strong wish to help these animals. To help them lead more comfortable lives.

This started many years ago with small steps. A feeding spot here, a feeding spot there. Finally Anca started to catch strays, have them castrated and continue to provide for them at feeding spots after their recovery. This includes protecting them from parasites.

More and more feeding spots were being established, more and more stray cats and dogs were castrated thanks to her.

Anca talks to the residents to open their eyes to the only viable solution.

– not only of stray animals, bit also for home and watchdogs and cats, to lessen the misery and suffering, to finally get control over the until now unchecked breeding. People aren’t always willing to listen to her. No, it’s the opposite. Changing the worldview of the residents and to reach her goal of having castrations performed takes a lot of time, patience and empathy.

Another important part of Anca’s work is conversations with the youth. Kids and teenagers are involved in educational work and animal protection-projects, because changing someone’s mind is the only way how the situation for cats and dogs in the area can be changed.

On the following pages we want to share more information on Anca’s work with stray and dogs in chains, as well as introduce you to the cats and dogs in her care, because they would not be able to survive on Trusesti’s streets.

This website is addressed to all interested parties; associations and people, that want to support Anca’s work with Trusesti’s strays and dogs at chains.


Source: Pfotenhilfe ohne Grenzen e.V. - with kind permission.


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