Sponsor: Ulrike Warlies

Stray dog, female

around 5 years (born ca. 2016)
Height: app. 45 cm

Gipsy is vaccinated and castrated.

Why is Gipsy looking for supporters?

Her story:
Whether Gipsy had an owner who simply abandoned the little puppy girl or whether Gipsy was born somewhere in a backyard, we will never know. But what we do know is that one day Gipsy appeared in front of Anca's school in Trusesti begging for food. At that time Gipsy was maybe three months old. Far too young to make it on the dangerous roads alone.

Diagonally opposite the school lies a children's home. Here Anca teaches the children how to treat dogs and what dogs and cats need. The children are very attentive and lovingly take care of the street dogs and cats living on the property. So Gipsy found refuge there and was looked after.

Time went by and Gipsy grew up to a lady. In addition to that, her place of residence changed. The dear, very friendly Gipsy moved from the children's home to the area of the high school where Anca works as a teacher. Every student, every teacher knows the cuddly girl. Gipsy is not only tolerated there but has actually found her "home" there. Anca takes care of her. Gipsy gets her food every day, is medicated (if necessary), is regularly treated against parasites and enjoys many pats and attention from the students and teachers.

Gipsy feels very comfortable in her "home" on the grounds of Trusesti High School and is happy with the way she is allowed to live there freely. However, she would certainly be very happy to have supporters to ensure her care.

Ulrike Warlies takes on a s
ponsorship of 25 EUR per months

(contains food, deworming, parasite treatment, annual vaccination)

If you would like to support Gipsy with a permanent sponsorship, please contact us:

Britta Gebauer, E-Mail:
Aktiv Tierschutz Lichtblicke e.V.,

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