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Who is ...

... Anca Melinte?

- born on January 13th in 1982 in Botosani, Romania
- grew up in the Village of Selistea, Romania.

High school Teacher

Additional training:

Helping stray dogs and cats, as well as dogs kept at the chain.

At a very young age Anca noticed her budding love for animals. Not just towards cats and dogs, but also sheep, cows, chickens and so on…

It was her father that introduced her to a gentle way of handling animals; how to groom them, how to provide and care for them. Anca's first “own” animal was a young lamb that she looked after and cared for. However, Anca was living in the countryside where animals were seen as nothing but livestock and her lamb was slaughtered on Easter. This is how Anca developed her dislike for eating meat early on.

Of course her family always had a watchdog and the neighborhood was populated with a lot of cats. And early on Anca had to learn that often, People don't treat animals lovingly or thoughtfully - Often the exact opposite was the case: they exploit, torture and kill them. All these experiences made an impact on her and she decided, that as an adult, she would peruse and live her love for animal : by protecting them, by providing and caring for them and by taking responsibility for them. Especially stray cats and dogs, sick and handicapped ones, are the ones with a special place in Anca‘s heart and will always find a save spot in her private environment.

In February of 2011 Anca got to know members of Asociatia Ador Botosani (Romania) and since then has been an important and established part of this Romanian animal-welfare association. Through her long years of charitable work for and with the animals inside the shelter owned by Ador, her wish to help more animals than was possible inside the shelter only grew stronger.

Next to her job as a teacher and her voluntary work inside Ador‘s shelter, she began to care more and more cats and dogs in and around Trusesti. The birth of "Project Trusesti".

Using her day job as a high school teacher, she tries to educate the next generation of children. She teaches students how to properly treat animals and to no longer see them as harmful carriers of diseases or temporary toys you can mistreat.

On top of that Anca uses her high profile in the village, so engage the residents in conversations, to educate them and help with their problems. Especially dogs held on chains often have suffer horrible living conditions. This is something Anca wants to change inside people‘s heads.

By now her reputation of helping animals has reached beyond Trusesti‘s village limits… Especially poor people, that are unable to afford castrations or vaccination for their animals, but know of their importance, ask Anca for help.

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