22. August 2023

On this day, as so often, Anca received a call asking "could you take these puppies in"?!

3 young puppies, only a few weeks old, were "thrown away" by someone at a rubbish dump. They were crying and did not dare to come out from under a rubbish bin. A lady noticed the little furry noses, collected them and took the 3 little ones with her for the time being. But the lady couldn't take the 3 puppies in because she was working full time and lived in a flat in the middle of Botosani. The lady phoned several friends and acquaintances, always asking "could you take in these puppies?

No one wanted to or could help the lady. Instead, she was advised to take them to the Public Shelter. The Public Shelter, a cruel, desolate place for dogs, especially for puppies. This was not what the lady wanted. She wanted to find a better future for the puppies. A friend of the lady referred her to an Anca Melinte and gave her a phone number.

This was the call that gave 3 little puppies the prospect of a better future. Anca was out that day, too far away to receive the little ones from the lady. Anca asked the lady if it would be possible for her to take the puppies to one of her foster homes in Trusesti. And indeed, the woman agreed and drove from Botosani to Trusesti and handed over the 3 puppies to Andreea, Anca's foster home. There the little ones are safe and being cared for.


15. August 2023

Anca got a call from a lady from Trusesti. She told her that her neighbours had emigrated to Holland for work and left everything behind. They also left a little puppy girl behind. The puppy would cry all the time and run back and forth on the property.

One of their daughters would now have taken the little girl out of there. The puppy girl would have been so happy that someone would now take care of her. But unfortunately they could not keep Little Lisa. Anca agreed to take Little Lisa in.

The puppy girl is a bright, very open and people-oriented dog. Now she is with Anca together with other dogs, puppies, young dogs and also adult dogs and Klein-Lisa gets along well with all of them. We hope that it will soon find its people.


14. August 2023

On the way to Trusesti, Anca received a call saying that 2 small females had been abandoned in the centre of Trusesti. The two little females were running back and forth on the street and had been for 2 days. Anca asked for a description of the place where the two females were last seen.

When we arrived in Trusesti and drove to the place we saw the two furry noses lying on a meadow. It seemed as if they were waiting for something. They were certainly waiting for their owner, who had certainly dropped them off there, but he would never come back to pick them up again.

Armed with a can of wet food, Anca approached the two females slowly and carefully. Both females immediately ran to Anca when she crouched down to offer the females something to eat. Without shyness they both let themselves be stroked. Anca grabbed the first female, who was startled and gave a short cry. This was enough to make the other female run away. She fled under a parked car. Anca first brought Antonia to safety and then tried to secure the other little female. But Masha didn't trust Anca at that moment and ran to the other side of the road. Slowly and in an arc we approached the little Masha, but this time she did not run away but came towards us. Masha willingly let us take her in our arms and bring her to safety.

Now both females, Antonia and Masha, are with Anca and being cared for.


14. August 2023

Anca starts very early this morning towards Trusesti to begin her feeding tour.

At her first feeding stop, the rest area near the village of Drislea, a dog came running towards her just a few seconds after she got out. It must have been hiding in the bushes at the outer corner of the rest area. The male dog crawled the last few metres to Anca and lay down right at her feet, looking pleadingly at Anca. Anca crouched down, approached him and stroked the little male. Immediately his tail began to wag and he whined softly. Anca took Nico, as he was later called, in her arms. Nico's tail did not stand still, but his whimpering stopped. He pressed himself very tightly against her chest.

What fears do animals have to suffer when they are abandoned by their owners? These animals are completely helpless and totally overwhelmed with this situation. Now Nico is safe with Anca. We hope to find a nice home for Nico soon.


09. August 2023

Anca received a call from a lady. She told Anca that her daughter had found 3 young puppies in a field several weeks ago. Someone had simply "dumped" the puppies there. Since her daughter liked dogs very much, she took the puppies home with her. The lady went on to say that she had agreed to let the puppies stay for the time being while her daughter tried to find families for them. But after weeks, the puppies were still there. No one wanted to take in a dog.

By chance, the lady heard about a woman who would feed and also take in stray dogs. She did some research and eventually got Aca's mobile number. And now this lady asked for help. The two women made an appointment to visit.

3 puppies, about 3 months old ... 2 boys and 1 girl. All three were in good health, friendly and lively. So Jim Knopf, White Socks and Jule were allowed to move to Anca in the next few days.


04. August 2023

An animal-loving lady, a friend of Anca's, lives in a small village between Botosani and Suceava. There she owns a small house with a plot of land and there she has several cats and 3 dogs of her own. Neutered, of course. In the immediate vicinity of her house, the lady also feeds street animals.

One day, when the lady was about to go out to feed "her" street animals again, a small female was sitting in front of her property gate with her offspring. There were 5 puppies. 4 boys and 1 girl. The lady was surprised because she knew this female. Many times she had seen this female on the street and fed her. It seemed that this female was looking for a safe place for her puppies and now she had found it.

The little family now lived with this lady, together with her own dogs in a large separate outdoor area. The little ones grew up carefree. When they grew up, the lady asked Anca if she could help. She would like to keep the mum female, but 5 more dogs were just not possible. Of course Anca helped her animal-loving friend.

When the 5 puppies were old enough and no longer needed their mum, Anca took the little ones to her "safe place". The mummy female was spayed and of course returned to Anca's friend.


03. August 2023

One family lived in a village a little further away from Botosani. This family lived in a house with a small plot of land and took care of street animals. cared for street animals. Anca is familiar with this family and from time to time Anca also takes animals from this family from time to time. The father of this lost his job and looked for/got a new job abroad. As he would now be abroad for several weeks at a time, his family commuted with him.

At begin of August the family came home again and found 5 very young puppies, only a few weeks old, in a rubbish dump. old, at a rubbish dump. Of course they took the puppies with them. They cared for the puppies, but it was clear that the puppies needed another safe safe place, as the family would be commuting again in 4 weeks.
in four weeks.

They asked Anca if she would take the puppies when they had to leave. the puppies when they had to leave. As there was no space left at Anca's Cristina, one of Anca's foster homes, helped out and took the puppies in. took the puppies in. 5 lively puppies. We will report what will happen with the 5 puppies.


29. July 2023

We would like to thank the Mobile Veterinary Practice Dr. Katrin Wontorra - holistically oriented, (who founded the Veterinary Practice without Borders gUG and who also runs a social veterinary practice, the Centre for Animals and Humans in Mettmann and the Tiertafel Mettmann) for these great donations.

At the next possible opportunity we will transport these donations to Anca in Romania.


24. July 2023

Anca has a helpful friend who helps her at the Safe Place when welding is needed.

From time to time, the hinges of the enclosure doors need to be replaced. Due to heavy use, urine and droppings, the material becomes porous and hinges break off. Aca's friend has often come to help.

Now Aca's friend asked for help. He had taken in 2 females from the street weeks before. One female was pregnant and gave birth to 5 puppies. He found new families for 3 puppies, but the two dog boys, Tajan and Mijan, remained. In return for his repair work, Anca promised to take in the two puppies as soon as they no longer needed their mothers and to have the two females spayed.


Castrations in July 2023

Thanks to the support of Hundehilfe NRW e.V., Martina Berlitz and Ela Pfaf-Völklein, Anca was able to have 4 females and 4 cats castrated.

Many thanks to Martina, Ela and the team of Hundehilfe NRW e.V.!
Only through castration can future animal suffering be reduced!

You can find more castrations in the past months/years under Project Trusesti.


19. July 2023

Drislea, a small village on the edge of a grove, a small, elderly female was found there.

Anca was taking one of her helpers home when they noticed a small female on the side of the road. Anca stopped and went to the little female. She looked at Anca in a friendly way and wagged her tail. It seemed to be an older furry nose.

The village is not very big. Everyone knows everyone here. Anca saw a woman standing in front of her property. She asked the lady if she knew if this female had an owner. The lady replied that the female did not belong to anyone here. She was a street dog. Probably the little female was abandoned near the village. It is relatively unlikely that a small female would spend several years on the street.

Anca took Julia, as the female would later be called, in her arms and took her with her. Anca estimates Julia to be about 8 years old. She is very friendly and loves to be petted. Now Julia is being fed up for the time being, as she is quite thin.


05. July 2023

A small female was looking for a good and safe place to give birth to her puppies. A plot of land, somewhat secluded, seemed suitable for her. Behind a pile of firewood she gave birth to her 4 puppies. 3 girls and 1 boy. The property, as well as the firewood pile, belonged to an old lady. She tolerated the little dog family, even feeding the mama dog with leftover bread.

As the weeks went by, the puppies slowly began to walk and explore the immediate surroundings. The old lady's nephew, who visited regularly, saw this as a danger to the furry noses.

By chance he heard about a woman who would feed and neuter stray dogs. This woman was Anca. A short time later, Anca visited the old lady and discussed with her how they could help the dog family. The mummy female was allowed to stay with the old lady - neutered, of course - and the nephew would gladly adopt the little puppy boy. Anca took the 3 puppy girls to her "safe place".


04. July 2023

3 puppies were put into a sack, tied up
- dumped in a drainage ditch
- abandoned to die

Someone was driving along a country roads and noticed a white canvas bag in the drainage ditch created next to the road. The lady drove on, but she kept thinking about this canvas bag. Finally, she turned around and drove back to the place where the canvas bag was still lying in the drainage ditch. The sack was tied shut. At first it seemed like it was just a bag of construction debris or something.

But then!
There was life in that sack. The woman opened it and 3 little puppies came out. Unfortunately, this is how unwanted offspring are often disposed of. Especially dog or cat puppies hardly have the possibility or the courage to escape from their prison. They die of thirst or suffocate.

What luck for the 3 furry noses. But where to put the puppies now?

The lady knew Anca and called her. They agreed that the three puppies would stay with their rescuer until Anca had enough space to take them in.


03. July 2023

A few days earlier, Anca received a message that a female and her 8 puppies were living by a sewage pipe on the outskirts of Trusesti. However, that was all the message said. Anca investigated and found the person who had written to her. She contacted him so that he could explain to her where exactly this place was.

It is a standard practice in Romania to build ditches next to paths or roads to collect/drain rainwater. There are pipes under crossings that connect these ditches. These 8 puppies were in such a pipe and also underneath where there was a small hole in the ground. There had been no rain for many days and it was probably pleasantly cool in the pipe. Their mum must have thought it was an ideal place for her puppies. However, it would be a death trap if it rained heavily, as the puppies would not be able to get out of this ditch on their own.

Anca visited the dog family for a few days and fed the pups. She tried to gain their mum's trust, but the female always kept her distance. Then the weather service predicted heavy rain for the next day. Anca feared that the female would not be able to rescue all her pups from this ditch, so she decided to take the pups to her "safe place", but without her mum. There was simply not enough time to gain the female's trust. Anca will keep trying so she can be spayed.

Now the little ones are with Anca and are being cared for. The little furry noses are not in a good condition. Skin problems and their bellies are fat and round, but not from food. Large amounts of worms appeared after a worming treatment. We hope that all 8 little ones are strong enough to survive.


02. July 2023

A resting place at a small wood - Dealu Mare - a feeding place of Anca. Here, not only stray dogs wait for their daily ration of dry food, but sometimes also abandoned animals. Often they are dog or cat puppies. But on this day, a little female who had been abandoned was waiting there.

Intimidated, she stood there, at the edge of the rest area. Anca walked slowly to her so as not to frighten her. Without any resistance, the female let Anca take her in her arms and carry her to the car. Her fur was unkempt and full of dried plant remains. Vermin flitted over her body. And the young female had a red collar around her neck.

Talvi, as Anca would later call the female, probably had a home once. She would probably be acquired as a living toy for a family's children and now that she was no longer a puppy and was becoming a nuisance, simply abandoned without a qualm on a busy country roads. Talvi was lucky that Anca came to this rest area at just the right time.


30. June 2023

A call for help from someone in Stefanesti reached Anca. A gentleman was desperate and he did not know where else to turn. He tried to get help in his town, but no one would help him. He had already been to a vet, but he only said that there was nothing more that could be done, they would die anyway.

Two days ago, the gentleman found a sack on his property. He opened it and out came a cat and 5 kittens. All of them were sick. They had sore eyes and noses and were very thin. And they were also full of vermin. The gentleman gave them water and something to eat. He asked around, but no one could tell him how he could help these velvet paws. Not even the vet he had been to.

Anca phoned Andreea, one of her foster homes, to see if she could take in the cat family. Andreea agreed. The next day, the gentleman brought the cat family to the foster home. Unfortunately, one kitten had died the previous night. All 5 cats were treated for parasites and given medicine for their inflammations. They were also given food and vitamins. Now we hope that the 4 kittens and their mum will survive. All of them are very cuddly and affectionate.


28. June 2023

A puppy boy was wandering distraught alone in the streets of Botosani. No one knows where the little one came from or where he belonged. But someone took pity on the little dog and brought him to a vet in the centre of Botosani before anything bad could happen to him.

So the little puppy boy was lucky. And his luck was to continue, because this vet is also one of the vets Anca works with. Now Camillo lives with Anca and hopes that his luck will continue and that he will soon find a home.


15. June 2023

Seby, a friend of Anca, owns farmland on the outskirts of Trusesti.

One morning in June, he was working this field with his horse when he noticed several puppies. These puppies were running around there. In the middle of nowhere. There was nothing there but farmland and wild meadows. No house, no stable, no shelter. Nothing. Someone must have abandoned the pups there, in the full knowledge that they would not survive for long.

It was clear to Seby that the puppies could not stay there. They would die there without water and food. So he collected 5 puppies and called Anca. However, Anca had no more room for these 5 puppies at that time. Another solution had to be found. Andreea, a helper and foster home of Anca, agreed to take care of the 5 little furry ones in the near future.

The little ones were given a parasite treatment and as soon as they are a bit stronger, they will receive their first vaccination.


We need support ...

... to continue this work !
... to help animals in need !

Food is life

Every donation / support helps.


13. June 2023

Later in the afternoon Anca was on her way home from Trusesti when a friend called her. She told her that she had found 2 puppies on the main road when she came home. The 2 puppies were lying cuddled together in the grass, only about 10 metres from the road.

As the home of Aca's friend was on her route home, she asked her friend to stay with the puppies until she arrived. There was a boy and a girl. Both very happy that someone was now looking after them.

By this time, Anca had no more space to take in puppies. Her clinic rooms were full of new arrivals who were still in quarantine. So Anca asked her friend to take in the two puppies for a while. Anca's friend was happy to help and so the two little furry ones stayed with their rescuer for the time being.


12. June 2023

A country road - a connection between two villages - wild meadows - wild fields as far as the eye can see. No house, no stable, not a soul, and yet there were 3 young puppies running around on the side of the road. Someone must have left the little furry noses by the side of the road, fully aware that these puppies will not survive here without their mummy.

Anca was on her way to a friend's house when she saw something scurrying around on the side of the road. She stopped and found these 3 puppies. The pups were exposed to the blazing midday sun. No shade, no water, no food, nothing. Of course Anca took these puppies with her. One boy and 2 girls. Anca's friend agreed to take the puppies out for the next few weeks until Anca had space in the "Safe Place" again.


07. June 2023

That day, Anca received a call for help from one of her students. He told her that he had seen 4 young puppies in a wild field next to a cemetery. The puppies were running back and forth, disoriented. He simply had to help them and took the puppies home with him for the time being. But his parents were against the puppies staying, even overnight. So he asked his grandmother. She took pity on him and agreed. But the four puppies could not stay there either. What should he do now? He would so much like to help the puppies.

Anca made an appointment with her student to pick up the 4 furry noses from his grandma.
And so it happened.

On the way back, Anca was about to drop her student off at his home when they saw a small dog on the side of a country roads. From the looks of it, it hadn't been long since this little dog had been abandoned there at the side of the road. The furry nose would look at every passing car, get up, walk a few steps, then turn around and sit in the same spot again. A typical behaviour of abandoned dogs.

Anca stopped. The young man showed courage, got out and walked to the dog on the side of the road. He approached carefully so as not to frighten the dog, took it in his arms and slowly walked back to the car. It was a young female who would later be named Aga. The female was friendly and very pleased that someone would now take her.

The young female and the 4 puppies are now safe with Anca.


05. June 2023

Now we would like to tell a typical story of a little toy puppy girl.

A family consisting of parents with their 2 children lived in the middle of Botosani in a flat. The children wanted a little puppy to play with. Unfortunately, this is often a reason why families living in the city get an animal. The little puppy grew up and kept defecating in the flat. Of course, this displeased the parents and so this puppy, now already a young dog, came to live with his grandmother in the country. There, the young fuzzy dog lived in the house and sometimes in the garden. At some point the young female got a visit from a nice stray dog and became pregnant. She gave birth to a sweet fuzzy puppy.
And now what?

Anca heard this story from one of her neighbours and decided to visit this family's grandma. Anca suggested to the old lady that she take the one puppy and spay the fuzzy mum. The granny was very grateful for Anca's offer. This is how it happened. The female mum was spayed and continues to live with the granny and the little puppy now lives with Anca until he is old enough to look for a loving family.


03. June 2023

There is a petrol station on the village border with Trusesti. Anca was on her way to the vet. But first she wanted to treat herself to a coffee. To do so, she headed for this petrol station.

When she got out, she heard a miserable meow. It was a cry for help. There had to be a kitten in distress somewhere. Anca looked around and saw a little kitten sitting in the middle of the country roads, right at the petrol station exit. Anca rushed to the little velvet paw and took it in her arms.

Anca's eyes searched the surrounding area to see if she could see / find the kitten's mum. Passers-by looked at Anca questioningly. Finally, someone even asked what she was going to do with this "thing". Anca asked him if he knew where this kitten had come from. The passer-by went on, shaking his head and without answering. Anca continued to ask around, but no one knew anything.

So Anca took the little kitten and brought it to Cristina, a cat foster home. There it is being fostered and gets kitten company.

Unfortunately, we do not have an association that supports us in adopting cats at the moment. We are desperately looking for one, as we would like to give our few cats a chance for a safe and secure cat life.


31. May 2023

The village of Costesti is not exactly on Anca's feeding tour and yet she received a call for help from there.

A small, pregnant street dog was looking for a safe place to give birth to her puppies. A small shed, almost in ruins, seemed to be suitable. She gave birth to 5 sweet puppies. This shed, this property belongs to a family living in very modest circumstances. They already had 2 dogs and several cats living there. It was not possible for the family to take care of another female, even with her offspring. They allowed the female time to raise her puppies, but when the little ones started running around and crying for food, the family contacted Anca and asked for help. Anca visited the family and assured them of her help.

In the meantime, the little female was on a chain to prevent her from wandering off with her puppies, as the property was not adequately secured with a fence.  Anca would like to take the little dog family in as soon as they had space in their "safe place" again. Anca now visits the family regularly. All 6 furry noses have been treated against internal/extreme parasites and soon the little ones will be vaccinated.

Now we have to keep our fingers crossed that there will soon be room at Anca's so that the dog family can move.


30. May 2023

It was already late that evening. A young man was on his way home when he noticed a white plastic bag on the side of the road. As he walked by, he noticed something moving inside. He opened the bag and out came 2 young puppies.
And now? He wondered what to do with the two puppies. Who could help? He phoned a friend and asked her for advice.

Ana's mobile rang. On the other end of the line, a friend. He told her about 2 young puppies he had just found - in a plastic bag. Ana is a helper of Anca's and so knew who could/would help. That night Ana took over the care of the two puppies.

The 2 fur babies were still very young. They were just at the stage of opening their eyes. So they were probably only 2 weeks old in this world. To survive without mum at such a young age ... But luckily Anca had taken in a mother dog with her 2 newborn puppies about 2 weeks ago. With patience and a lot of encouragement, the mummy dog accepted the two young puppies and let them drink with her.

Now we hope that the two puppies were found in time and that they will survive.


25. May 2023

5 young puppies, only a few weeks old, were abandoned on a forest path by someone without heart and soul. Helpless puppies - just left to their own devices. For us it is always unbelievable how something like this can happen. Castration would be the solution to avoid unwanted offspring in the first place and thus prevent animal suffering.

These puppies were found by Maria, a former helper of Anca. As she did not have the space to house 5 puppies herself, she asked her mother if she could take care of the puppies on her property. The puppies were not in a good condition. Maria and her mother tried their best to make sure that the puppies would survive. But unfortunately 2 of these puppies died just a few days later after they were found. They were just too weak and did not win the fight for survival.

3 puppies made it and grew up to be lively, playful and fun-loving puppies. Anca had accompanied the 3 puppy boys during the last months, vaccinated them and also helped Maria with advice. Now the friendly puppies have moved in with Anca in her "Safe Place" so that they can get to know other dogs, people and other animals and she is preparing them for their departure. We very much hope that these dog clowns will then find their own families.

If you are interested in adopting, please write to us at:
We work together with various animal welfare organisations.


19. May 2023

Actually a very normal day for Anca.
Work at the high school in Trusesti - followed by a feeding tour - cleaning the Safe Place and the quarantine station at home - then feeding the animals. Anca wanted to spend the evening in peace and quiet. That was the plan.

It started to rain very heavily. After some time, several messages came to Anca via Messenger.  These messages told of a young woman who asked for help on the internet for 5 puppies she had found.

This woman fights for castrations of the street animals living in her village, which was about 90 minutes away from Anca. And this woman received a tip-off that 5 very young puppies had been abandoned in a wild field without their mothers. The woman hurried there, as it was also starting to rain heavily. And indeed, she found these little 3 to 4 week old furry noses. Of course, the young woman took the 5 puppies with her. Now she was looking for help/support in caring for the little ones, as she did not have the means.

Anca phoned the young woman and agreed to take in the 5 fur babies. Now the little doggies are with Anca and she will try everything to make sure that the little ones will survive.


18. May 2023

A young man used to like to take a shortcut through the forest when he had to get home from his friends. This forest is on the border of Trusesti towards Stefanesti. There is only a narrow, small road that leads through this forest. Hardly anyone uses this road, as there is a developed country roads on the other side of the forest.

The young man had been on the road for quite some time when he suddenly saw 2 puppies running around on the side of the road. They were 2 girls, about 10 weeks old, very friendly and outgoing. As this young man is very fond of animals and also happens to be a student of Anca, he could not leave these two puppies there. So he took both of them home with him and then called Anca to ask for help for the two furry noses.

Both puppy girls are now with Anca. They will stay in quarantine for a few days and get their first vaccination.

A complete vaccination for puppies costs 42 Euros.
Anca would be very happy about your support.


16. May 2023

Anca received a text message from a woman. She asked for help for her female and her 7 puppies.

But before Anca agreed to help, she wanted to know more about the family, their circumstances and the female. Therefore, Anca first made an appointment with the woman for a visit the next day.

The family lives in poor conditions. The female lives on a chain, which was quite short. But the female with her offspring had a hut and a bowl for water. The woman told Anca that she had taken the female in from the street. Unfortunately, the fence around the property was not very high, so the female was visited by male dogs and became pregnant. On the second day of Easter (10.04.) 7 puppies were born.

Anca explained to the woman that dogs have needs and that if she helped, the female would have to be spayed. As the family was open and accepted Anca's suggestions, Anca agreed to help and vaccinate the 7 puppies and later take them in once they no longer needed their mum.

Now the female has a much longer chain, a collar that doesn't cut into her neck, bowls for food and water and she will be spayed when the time comes. For now, Anca left food there and all the dogs got medicine against intestinal parasites, as well as against fleas and ticks. Anca will visit the family again to check on them and vaccinate the puppies.


15. May 2023

A small village near Siliscani where Cristina and Ana, two of Anca's helpers, live. An old lady told them that there was a female and her 2 newborn puppies next to her property. She would like to help the little dog family, but did not dare to touch the female. Cristina and Ana told Anca and together they looked for the female and her offspring. Finally they found the female sitting on a small slope near the old lady's property. The female immediately let Anca touch and stroke her, so that they could take her with them without any problem. Now the 3 women only had to find the puppies. There were no puppies to be found at the top of the slope. Only by chance did Ana notice a puppy a little lower on a bush. It seemed that the female was probably trying to put her offspring safely on top of the slope, but the puppies kept rolling down the slope. Anca and her helpers continued to search and eventually found the 2nd puppy.In the meantime, a neighbour came by and insulted the three women. The female had an owner. He had only thrown his female onto the street because she had puppies. Anca had to hold back a lot in order not to say anything back. It was simply unbelievable and totally incomprehensible. A castration costs 32 euros and would have prevented a pregnancy. Now the female and her 2 puppies are safe with Anca and can raise their offspring in peace and with Anca's support.Castrations are so important to prevent future animal suffering. Not only dogs, but also cats suffer the same fate. Anca will continue to try to convince villagers to have their dogs and cats neutered. Whoever would like to support Anca - we would be very happy about financial help.

1 castration costs 32 Euros.
Anca Melinte - Paypal:


In the section "Project Trusesti" you will find a list of castrations that Anca has already commissioned with the support of animal-loving people/associations.


06. Mai 2023

The Public Shelter is located on the main country roads of Botosani. Often dogs are abandoned at the entrance to the shelter from the car. And it is not uncommon that these animals run after the car in panic and are run over by another car. Or the dogs carelessly change sides of the road and then die in a car accident. Opposite the entrance to the "Public Shelter" is a car repair shop. And it just so happens that the owner is Anca's mechanic.

That evening, Anca's mechanic called her and told her that when his son came home from school, he saw a young dog sitting at the shelter's driveway. Cars would drive past the dog and each time this dog would get up and run a few steps towards the car. Each time a very dangerous situation for the furry nose. As his son is very fond of animals, he brought the dog home with him. It was a young female. So friendly and sweet. She licked his son's hands and face. Unfortunately, he couldn't keep the female as he already had 3 dogs. More just wouldn't do.

Anca agreed with her mechanic to take in Sinka, as she is now called. Now this lovely furry nose is waiting with Anca for people who will no longer abandon her.


03. May 2023

The main road from Botosani to Trusesti has been rehabilitated piecemeal for a few years and partly also newly built. Some sections of the road are simple gravel roads or have not yet been properly paved at the roadside.

Anca was on her way home. Shortly after leaving Trusesti, where you are still supposed to drive slowly, Anca saw a small dog standing on the side of the road opposite her. Anca stopped and at that moment a car also passed by the side of the little dog. When Anca's view of the dog was clear again, she saw that the little furry nose had flattened itself on the ground. It lay there as if petrified. Anca hurried over and addressed the furry nose. Its head moved, sad eyes looked up at Anca.

It was a female. She had probably been abandoned by the roadside a short time before. Anca spoke to her quietly and quickly the little female became braver, stood up and her tail wagged like crazy. She was given some dry food and then Anca took her in her arms and carried her to her car. Now Elka, the little female, is safe with Anca.


Finally the travel report April 2023 is online on our homepage

- with pictures, videos and explanations -

A small insight into Anca's work for the stray dogs and cats and the 5-day visit
of Michael Hiemann with Anca in Botosani.
This link will take you directly to the travel report.


09. April 2023

Shortly before Easter, it was once again winter in Romania for 2 days. A snowstorm swept across the country. The temperatures went into the minus range again. A lot of snow fell during these few days. For two days, Botosani was declared a "red zone". No cars were allowed to drive. Everything came to a standstill. Anca was not able to get to her feeding places. When it was possible again, Anca immediately went on her tour to Trusesti.

On the way home from Trusesti, Anca's last feeding stop is always the rest area at the Dealu Mare forest. Not only do stray dogs wait for Anca there, but pets are also abandoned there time and again. Mostly dog or cat puppies. Even as Anca drove towards the rest area, she saw 2 small dogs sitting close to the roadside. It looked like the two dogs were waiting for their owner, who had left them here but would never come back.

A little shy and cautious at first, the two puppies made contact. The wet food smelled too good and the puppies were very hungry. All caution was quickly forgotten and the two furry noses pounced on the food. Afterwards, there was no more shyness on the part of the two furry noses, on the contrary, they pressed themselves against us humans and were happy to be taken along. Now both puppies are with Anca and are being nursed.


09. April 2023

On the way to Trusesti, there is a petrol station near the small village of Siliscani. An elderly female lives there and is tolerated by the tenant. Every morning Anca stops at this petrol station to give the female her breakfast. Word has spread among the stray dogs that food is distributed there and so other stray dogs from the surrounding area rush over.

That day, Anca saw a new furry nose that was reluctant to come to the petrol station. Anca left some wet food behind and hoped that the furry nose would come back the next morning.

And so it was. However, the furry nose was no longer as cautious as the day before. On the contrary, she rushed over and let Anca touch and stroke her. It was a female and this was the opportunity to take her with us and have her spayed. That's how it happened. The plan was to bring the female back to the petrol station after the castration as well.

After the recovery period, Anca was on her way to the petrol station with the female. But the female was so friendly, so sweet, so trusting of people, that Anca drove past the petrol station and took Felicita, as she is now called, home with her. Now Felicita lives in the "Safe Place" and we hope that the lovely female will soon find her forever people.


30. March 2023

7 puppies, only a few weeks old, were abandoned on a road somewhere in the mountains. Far and wide no mother dog was running around on the road. Fortunately for the 7 puppies, a car was able to brake in time. Someone took pity on them, collected all 7 pups and took them with him. However, this person felt totally overwhelmed with the 7 hungry puppies calling for their mother. With some bread, this human left the puppies in an old ruined house.

This was the second time the puppies had been abandoned. But it would not be the last time before Anca heard of their fate.

Someone found the crying puppies at the abandoned ruin and gave them wet food to eat. By now the pups were quite weakened, thin and not in a good condition otherwise. This someone finally took the furry little ones to Trusesti to the local cemetery and left them there. He told his story of finding the puppies to a friend of Anca. This friend took care of the 7 puppies, made a phone call and brought the little puppies to Anca.

Now the 7 puppies are in Anca's care and we hope that they will all make it and survive.


We urgently need support !!!

41 puppies are living with me at the moment.

These puppies have been dumped like rubbish by someone in the last few weeks. We or a call for help found these puppies at rubbish dumps, in the forest, at the roadside, under footbridges, at house ruins. Mostly they were in a not so good condition. Much too thin, with bellies full of worms and with fleas and ticks in their fur.

But the first step towards the chance of a nice dog's life has been taken. Now comes the second step - the vital vaccinations. Without these vaccinations, the probability that the puppies will die of dog sicknesses is very high, and without vaccinations it is not possible for them to leave the country or be adopted.

A complete vaccination for puppies costs 42 Euros.
Costs that I can't manage on my own, but which are so urgently needed.

I would be very happy about your support.


27. March 2023

That morning, a surprise awaited Anca when she arrived at the high school in Trusesti.

Someone placed a cardboard box in front of the entrance gate to the school in the early hours of the morning. Schoolchildren found the box and opened it. What emerged was a young puppy. The children took the puppy to the school grounds and looked after it until Anca arrived at the school.

First the little one got something to eat from Anca. A student approached Anca and said he would like to adopt the puppy. He had already spoken to his parents and they agreed. Anca knows the student well and also his family, so she trusts him and gave him the little furry nose.

But better safe than sorry. Anca phoned the boy's parents and also explained to them that the puppy would have to be vaccinated and later, when he was old enough, neutered. Only under these conditions would she give the little one away. The family agreed to everything.

More and more people in Romania understand the need for vaccination and castration of their own pets.


25. March 2023

After Anca had finished her feeding tour through Trusesti, she wanted to stop by to see the dogs at the farm, as she had done the last few days. (We have already reported about the dogs at the farm in previous posts).

On the way to the farm, Anca always passes an old bus stop. A concrete shell. Just like that, in the middle of nowhere. Surrounded only by fields and wild meadows. And yet Anca sees two puppies running around in front of this concrete building. How can you abandon puppies here in the middle of nowhere, knowing full well that these young furbabies will starve to death? Unbelievable!!!

The two puppies were fearful and reserved at first, but their hunger and the delicious smelling wet food quickly made them forget their fear of the stranger. They greedily devoured the food. The two puppies were very thin, but their bellies were full of worms. After the two had licked the last bit of sauce off the ground, Anca took them in her arms without any problems and brought them safely to her car.


23. March 2023

In the middle of the forest, a forest worker found 2 puppies on his way to his work site. The two pups were huddled together on a tree stump. He could not leave the puppies there and took them with him. When he arrived at his work, he phoned Cristina, his neighbour and also one of Anca's foster homes. He knew that she took care of abandoned animals in need of help. Cristina in turn told Anca the fate of the two puppies. Anca arranged to meet the forest worker to look at the two puppies.

They were very thin and their hip bones were clearly protruding. The forest worker told Anca that he always walked the same way to work, so he suspected that someone had abandoned the two puppies on the forest path during the night.

The two puppies were only a few weeks old. They were running around excitedly, completely confused and looking for their mother. Anca took the two puppies to her "Safe Place". There, the puppies are now being cared for and live together with other puppies so that they no longer feel so alone.


22. March 2023

There is news about the dog pack at the farm.
We reported about it a few days ago.

Anca was able to take a female to her vet to have her spayed. 3 puppies were adopted by families. They are families that Anca knows and so the puppies are in good hands there.

Now for the reddish brown male who had an accident and can only walk/hop on 2 legs. He has become trusting, so that Anca was able to take him with her to introduce him to her vet. Together they thought about how to help Edy, as he is now called. Anca's vet wants to try to save Edy's front leg and thus his life.

Edy's leg was stabilised with a fixator and screws in a complex operation. However, at the moment it is not clear whether the nerves have been damaged by the fracture or not. We will only know when the fracture has healed and the fixator has been removed.

Edy is a very sweet dog who takes everything in his stride. Anca estimates him to be about 4 or 5 years old. Now we hope that Edy will be lucky and that everything will turn out well and he will be able to walk again, on 3 legs.

Anca would be very happy to receive financial help for the operation costs of Edy and also of Tessy
(her front leg had to be amputated).


14. March 2023

In the morning, before school started, a colleague of Anca's told her that she had been seeing a medium-sized female on the side of the road on her way to school for a few days. And always in the same place. Today she had also left some dry food for the female. Anca's colleague showed her a photo that she had quickly taken before she drove on.

Anca suspected that someone had abandoned this dog there. Now this furry nose was waiting for its owner to return, but he would never come back. Anca asked her colleague to please take this dog with her on the way home and to take it to school the next morning. Anca would take the dog. Anca's colleague agreed.

That's how it happened. The next morning, Anca's colleague handed her the dog from the roadside in the middle of nowhere. It was a female and was named Soraya. Anca estimates the female to be about 7 years old. Her incisors are totally worn out. Anca suspects that Soraya must have been gnawing on something hard, repeatedly and over a long period of time. Now Soraya is with Anca and is being fed up.


11. March 2023

A young female was wandering around looking for something to eat. No one knows where she came from. She was thin and very hungry. The young female passed a property from which a delicious smell emanated. She ran through the open gate to the house and looked around the corner. Oh yes, that was where the smell was coming from. But suddenly a man was standing there watching her. The female likes people and immediately started wagging, hoping maybe to get something to eat. But then the man grabbed her, carried her to the fence surrounding the property and threw her over it. Then he went back to his house.

Anca was at home and did not hear her phone ring. It was only an hour later that she noticed the call and called the number back. It was a neighbour who told her about a young female with one blue and one brown eye that had strayed onto his property. Anca asked where this female was now. He would go and see and bring her the female. Some time passed, but nothing happened. No further call. Nothing. At some point Anca looked out of the window and saw a dog in front of her house. She went outside and saw Ana, a young female with one blue and one brown eye. Anca's neighbour probably didn't think it was necessary to call and just let the female run loose on the property. Ana had a lacing wound on her muzzle, probably from being thrown over the fence. Otherwise Ana was unharmed, but with a huge hunger.


10. March 2023

A few days ago, at the beginning of March, we told you about a tip Anca had received that several adult dogs as well as puppies were living at a farm.

Anca's wish is to have these dogs (packs) neutered and also to bring them back to their "place of residence" to continue feeding them there. She would like to take the puppies to her "safe place". The problem is that the dogs are quite shy and distrustful of people, so it takes time for Anca to gain the trust of these animals before she can catch them.

A few days have passed now.
There is good news and bad news.

The good news is that the dogs are getting closer to Anca and some of them are already eating out of her hand. One female can even be touched. So Anca's plan is going in the right direction.

The bad news:
A male dog, who already has a handicap (his left hind leg is half amputated), seems to have had another accident. His left front leg is broken. Unfortunately, he won't let us touch him, he backs away and turns his head to the side. Anca will continue to try to gain his trust so that she can help him.


09. March 2023

Towards afternoon, after Anca had finished her feeding tour of Trusesti, she wanted to stop by one of her foster homes on her way home. It was not such a big diversions, but from time to time it was necessary to check the health of the foster animals.

Their drive took them through wild terrain. Grassland alternated with small woods and farmland. No house, no stable, nothing and yet out of the corner of her eye Anca saw a black dot in the grass, close to the road. Her intuition made Anca stop to look. Maybe it was just a tree stump. Anca got out and someone came running up. A small dog. It was a female and her tail wagged incessantly. She immediately let Anca pet her and pressed her head against Anca's hand. Without any problems, Maggie, as Anca would later call the female, let herself be picked up and carried to the car.

Maggie felt very comfortable in the back seat. The little furry nose was just happy that someone came and took her along. During the rest of the drive to the foster home, Maggie behaved in an exemplary calm manner. Even the time she was alone in the car waiting, she stayed and looked. Also the drive to Anca's home - simply exemplary.

When we arrived at Anca's house, Maggie had a big meal, because the little female was very hungry and thin. While she was eating, Anca treated her against parasites, because Maggie's fur seemed to be full of bugs.


08. March 2023

Let's move on ... this day had it all. It was already very full of events ... overflowing.

On the way home, Anca received a message from one of her students. The young man told Anca that he had found 6 puppies in a field while walking. There was also a sheep shelter at this field. Possibly the puppies had been abandoned there by someone in the hope that the shepherd would find them, or the shepherd himself had left the young puppies there. But it did not change anything, the puppies could not stay there.

Anca turned around and drove back to Trusesti to meet her student. Together they went to this sheep shelter. While the young man was waiting for Anca, he also talked to his parents who agreed to adopt 3 of these 6 puppies. Anca will of course control these 3 puppies with their new family. Anca took the remaining 3 puppies (3 girls) home with her. She estimated the age of the little furry noses to be about 6 weeks. Actually still too young to be without a mother. Anca will do her best to make sure these little ones will be without a mother. Anca will do her best to make sure these little ones survive.


08. March 2023

Far away from the next town or village was this dilapidated, long abandoned house, in the middle of nowhere. A clue prompted Anca to look there for a small family of dogs.

At first Anca saw a dog at a "safe" distance from her, but close to a small annex/ pantry. The dog watched Anca very closely but did not come closer. So Anca put out wet food, which the dog accepted. This was probably the mum of the 3 little puppies Anca found in this pantry.  Of course, these 3 little furry noses got a big portion of wet food. As the little ones were very friendly and open-minded, Anca was able to give them a spot-on against parasites straight away.

Unfortunately, this is all Anca can do to help this little family at the moment. The puppies are still too small to manage without their mum and their mum was too shy to take them all with her. So Anca will be visiting them regularly to help further with supplementary food. As soon as the little ones are old enough, they will move in with Anca. And maybe someday the mummy female will trust Anca so she can be neutered to stop having any more offspring.


08. March 2023

There is hardly a day in Anca's everyday life that is not filled with events. But some days exceed this by far.

One such event, besides her normal job as a teacher and her "normal" feeding tour through Trusesti, was a visit to a gypsy family who had asked Anca for help. This family had taken in a female from the street who was pregnant, only it was not seen at the time. Now this female gave birth to 6 healthy, lively puppies. However, 7 dogs are just too many for the family.

Anca negotiated with the family that she would take care of the puppies in exchange for the family agreeing to spay the mother dog once her puppies no longer needed her. The family agreed and so Anca visited the family that day.

6 lively, outgoing puppies ran to meet Anca. However, all of them had plenty of housemates in their fur. First the little ones got a tablet against worms and a spot-on against fleas and ticks (their mum too, of course), so that they would get rid of these vermin. After that, they were given delicious dry food especially for puppies (donated by Hundehilfe NRW e.V.).

When the time is right, the 6 puppies will move in with Anca and their mum will be neutered.


04. March 2023

Botosani - behind every block of flats there is at least one rubbish dump where residents can dispose of their household waste. And unfortunately, not only rubbish is thrown away there. Most of these rubbish dumps consist of 3 to 5 containers. A lot of rubbish also lies next to them.

A small dog child was sitting frightened under a rubbish container at some rubbish dump. Her fur was wet and dirty. The puppy girl was trembling all over her body and not only out of fear, but she was also very cold. And she was soooo hungry.

An animal-loving friend of Anca's was passing a rubbish tip on her way home from work. As she walked by, she noticed something white scurrying under a container. She looked under this container and looked into a sad, frightened pair of eyes. Without resistance, the puppy allowed itself to be pulled out from under the container. The little one was shaking so badly that Aca's friend packed the little puppy under her jacket and hurried home. When they arrived home, they had to take a warm shower. Then she was lovingly rubbed dry. And then, of course, came the delicious wet food.

Now Birdy is with Anca and continues to be nursed. Soon she will need her vital vaccination.
You are welcome to support Anca with the vaccination costs.


03. March 2023

Drislea, a small village, is on Anca's way home from Trusesti.

In early March, as Anca was driving along the country roads near Drislea, someone on the side of the road frantically waved at her. Anca stopped and asked the woman if anything had happened. The lady in turn asked Anca if she was the woman who lived with dogs. Anca confirmed this and so the woman pointed to the dusty road behind her and told her that there were two little puppies running around without a mother dog. She also said that she had seen someone come and drop the puppies off.

Anca parked her car and followed the woman. Sure enough, there were two puppies, maybe 8 weeks old, running around. Anca took the two pups with her and the woman thanked Anca profusely.

In the car, the two little ones were first given a bowl of wet food. You can see in the video how greedily the two ate the wet food. The two had not had anything to eat for many hours. They are a girl and a boy. Now Anca will feed them up and then they will get their first vaccination.

Would anyone like to become a name sponsor and sponsor the little ones for their vaccination?
A complete vaccination for one puppy would be 39 euros.


03. March 2023

5 adult dogs (3 females, 2 males) and puppies, of different ages, need help.

Someone told Anca about a place on the outskirts of Trusesti, a farm with cows and pigs, where several dogs would live. At some point, these furry noses were probably abandoned there and kept having babies.

Anca phoned to get more information about the exact location of this farm. Eventually she managed to speak to the owner of the farm. Anca offered to visit him and help if necessary. The farmer told Anca that he kept finding dead puppies on his farm, but he didn't really know what to do. It was very likely that the puppies, not vaccinated of course, had died of parvovirus or distemper.

The next day Anca drove to this farm and there were waiting for her, 3 females, 2 males and about 6 to 10 puppies/young dogs. The furry noses were suspicious, hesitant and did not get very close to Anca. Some puppies and young dogs stayed at a "safe" distance from Anca and looked at everything closely.

Over the next few days, Anca wants to gain the trust of these furry noses so that she can gradually catch them, take them to her vet and have them neutered. After a certain recovery period, Anca will bring the dogs back to the farm. She would like to vaccinate the puppies to stop the suffering and subsequent dying. Anca will then take the puppies to her "safe place". That is the plan for now.

In order to be able to realise this for the benefit of the dogs, Anca would be happy for support.
A castration costs 32 Euros.
A complete vaccination of a puppy costs 39 Euros and for an adult dog 20 Euros.

If you would like to support Anca, please contact her directly.


28. February 2023

Something bad happened to a small female at the end of February. She still managed to drag herself onto the grounds of a small school.

A friend of Anca's works at this school in a small village near Trusesti. Between classes, this friend went outside for a smoke break and found a small dog lying in the grass. When she went closer, the dog did not run away and then she saw why. The little dog had an open fracture on its left front leg.

What should she do now? It was a small female. How could she help this dog? She remembered Anca and made a phone call. Anca had advised her friend to take the female to a vet immediately. That is what happened. We don't know how this injury happened. Was the little female kicked by someone or did she have a car accident? We will never know. The only thing that matters now is that the little female gets help.

At the vet's it turned out that not only the bone was broken, but also the nerves were severed by the break. The leg could no longer be saved and had to be amputated. Despite the great pain the little female was sure to be in, she let everything happen to her. No growling, no snapping. Nothing. On the contrary, she let herself be stroked and pressed her head against the stroking hand of her rescuer.

Tessy, her new name, had survived the operation well. Anca's friend brought Tessy to Anca, where the little female is now being cared for and looked after. Tessy is a lovely female with a good appetite. It will take time for the injury/amputation to heal. But Tessy is already trying to walk on 3 legs.


20. February 2023

A few years ago, an animal-loving girl from Botosani adopted a cat from Anca. The velvet paw is doing very well with her. The girl also feeds street cats at a larger rubbish dump.

In mid-February, when the girl was feeding "her" street cats again, she discovered a plastic bag in which something was moving. She opened it to reveal 4 young puppies. These little furry noses were still quite lively, so one can assume that they had been "thrown away" here only a short time before.

The little ones were very lucky to have been found, because the nights were very, very cold at this time of year. It hardly got warmer during the day either, so the puppies would not have survived for long.

The girl remembered Anca and asked for help for these 4 fur babies. Of course Anca took in the 4 puppies. There were 3 puppy boys and 1 puppy girl. As it turned out later, the 3 boys had their tails cut off. The girl is unharmed. Why people do this to animals, and babies at that, remains incomprehensible to us and should be punished.

Now the 4 furry noses are with Anca, being nursed and waiting for their first vaccination.


Our new "private" Facebook group is ready for you.

Our group is for all friends, adopters and supporters
of Anca Melinte and "her" animals.


11. February 2023

February in Romania is very, very cold again this year.

The temperature is still -16°C at 7:00 in the morning. During the day it also stays in the double-digit minus range. And the nights .... are usually around -25°C or even lower. There is also a lot of snow. It is becoming increasingly difficult for street animals to find waste, which often means food for them.

Stray dogs have a particularly hard time if they can't find shelter. Many will freeze to death. Even chained dogs, which have no shelter and short fur to boot, will not survive these temperatures. Eating and finding food is at the top of the life list for street animals. They need almost twice the amount of food to keep their body temperature high. Anca therefore feeds/spreads twice the amount of dry food.

If you would like to help, please do, every Euro is welcome and helps to save lives.
1 bag of dry food costs 9 Euros.

Paypal directly to Anca:


Anca needs support

20 castrations of stray dogs and dogs from poor families need to be
be financed in the near future.

1 castration costs 32 Euros and avoids animal suffering before it happens.

Please help us to make this happen.


01. February 2023

It was late that afternoon, Anca was on her way to one of her foster homes to drop off cat food. This time, however, she took a different route than usual. The roads are narrow and often quite bumpy. Anca was driving slowly and as she passed, she saw a small to medium sized dog on a short chain in a garden. Knowing a couple lived there, mostly alcoholics, Anca stopped to take a closer look at the dog.

It was a female, very, very thin and full of vermin. There was no hut for her there, just an old dirty pot with nothing in it. There was no water, no food. Anca gave the female some dry food, which she devoured immediately. And then the owner came around the corner. Drunk. Anca talked to him and found out that the female's name was Viorica and that he didn't really want a dog. So Anca took the chain off Viorica's neck, took her in her arms and brought her to her car.

Now Viorica is with Anca and is being cared for. She still has to gain a few kilos before Viorica can be neutered and then we will try to find a nice home for her.


25. January 2023

Early in the morning, Anca was on her way to work in Trusesti and passed the well-known rest area near Drislea. She drove slowly and watched the car park. No one was to be seen there. Good !!! After all, on her way back she would stop here to stock her feeding station.

Anca drove on to Trusesti. She had several hours of school ahead of her. After that she had to visit her vet and of course her feeding tour through Trusesti. Also on her way home, Anca had several spots where stray dogs were waiting for her. Then came the rest area near Drislea and from far away Anca saw a small dog running up and down the side of the road.

It was a small female. She was very happy when Anca stopped. Iris, as Anca would later call the little female, had probably been abandoned here shortly before. Fortunately for the little female, Anca was on the road longer today in Trusesti and therefore arrived later here at the rest area. Iris is now with Anca.

She will be dewormed first, get a spot-on, food, fresh water, a clean, dry, soft place to sleep and in a few days she will get her vaccination.


09. January 2023

On 9 January, the new school year started in Romania, so it was also the first working day for Anca at the high school in Trusesti.

By chance, Anca looked out of the window during one of her lessons and saw something white squatting on the curb. Right by the entrance gate to the schoolyard. She wasn't sure what it was. A bag or a puppy dog or cat?

When her lesson ended, Anca rushed outside to this white something and it was a little puppy girl. Dejected and hopeless, the furry little thing squatted by the curb. Schoolchildren gave the puppy girl small crumbs of bread to eat. The puppy girl was shivering because it was very cold. Anca took it and needed to get the little one into her car. A blanket and some food was all Anca could do at that moment, because her working day was not over yet.

Later in the afternoon, when Anca came home, the little puppy girl was given something tasty and nutritious to eat and a soft, warm place in Anca's quarantine station.


04. January 2023

By chance, Anca heard lively puppy noises at a dilapidated house on the outskirts of Trusesti. Actually, the reason why Anca went to the area was that she was told that a small dog had been abandoned there.

Anca did not find this little dog, but she did find a female with her 10 puppies. These puppies were about 3 weeks old. They were much too young to grow up without a mother. And the mama-female was very shy. When she noticed Anca, the mama-female disappeared on the spot and watched everything from a safe distance.

Anca will always go here to this dilapidated house and leave food for the female there and who knows, maybe the female will trust after all.


02. January 2023

It was cold that day.
Botosani centre - a small rubbish dump - only 2 containers directly on a small backyard path. 4 puppies - only a few weeks old - sat tightly packed together. They were shivering from the cold. Passers-by walked past them. No one saw them. No one saw their distress.

A young man just wanted to dispose of his household rubbish and then hurry back to his warm flat. But then he saw these 4 furry noses squatting on the kerb. Dangerously close to the path where cars were also parked. He took pity on these little puppies, put them in a box and took them to his car. In the meantime, he made a phone call.

The young man is a colleague of Anca's and asked her for help for these 4 furry noses. There were 3 girls and 1 boy. Of course Anca agreed to take in these 4 furry noses. We hope that the 4 puppies are still strong enough and will survive.


20. December 2022

Late afternoon - Anca had just finished her work at the Safe Place when she received a call from one of her students. The young woman told her that she had found a little puppy girl next to a forest path. She was hiding under a sack. It was only by chance that the young woman noticed a movement and looked and discovered the cute little puppy girl.

Probably someone had abandoned the puppy in a sack at this spot in the forest.

Anca asked her pupil to keep the little puppy girl with her for the time being and to bring her to school the next day.

As agreed, the pupil brought the little puppy girl to school. Anca estimated the little girl to be about 4 weeks old. Actually still much too small to be without a mother. Anca will try everything to ensure that this little soul survives. First of all, the puppy girl was allowed into the classroom so that she didn't have to wait alone in Anca's car.


14. December 2022

There is a petrol station on the country roads to Trusesti where an elderly female lives. Anca stops there every day to give this dog food. The petrol station tenant tolerates the female, but does not feed her. Other dogs have also noticed that there is delicious wet food there, so Anca has also set up a feeding station there.

For a few days now, Anca has been seeing a new furry nose at this petrol station. A small dog that does not yet dare to come closer to Anca, but is happy to accept the food if she is distant.

On 14 December the time had come. Tiger, as Anca now called the young, small male dog, overcame his fear and greeted Anca with a wagging tail so that Anca could stroke him. But Tiger didn't want to eat, he preferred to go with Anca.

What was Anca to do now? She couldn't refuse the sweet little male and so he was allowed to go with her. Now Tiger lives with Anca in the "Safe Place".


11. December 2022

After a long day at work, Anca was on her way home. Between the villages of Rosiori and Stauceni, in the middle of the country roads, Anca saw a dog that did not move from the spot.

Thank God there was hardly any traffic at that time. Anca stopped at the side of the road and called the dog to her. It was a short-haired male dachshund. He quickly came running to Anca and it seemed that he was very happy that someone was finally there. Even though purebreds do not protect against abandonment, it is very rare. The male was un-neutered, probably he ran after a nice smelling female and now didn't know home. Anca took the lovely, friendly male dachshund with her for the time being.

Anca posted a picture of the male dog on Facebook in order to possibly find his owner. As no one came forward after two days, Anca had the male dog neutered. Now he is waiting for his chance to either come back to his owner or to find a new family.


11. November 2022

It was late afternoon when Anca drove home from Trusesti. Her way, the country roads, led her through open country most of the time. No village, no house, no stables, nothing. And yet Anca suddenly saw 4 little puppies running around at the side of the road. Of course she stopped immediately.

The little furry ones came running straight to her and jumped up her legs. Someone simply had to abandon these young puppies here. By the country road, knowing that the little puppies would not survive here for long. Cars drive very fast here and it was very likely that the puppies would be run over. Or if the pups were smart, they would run into open ground, but there they would starve to death in the next few days.

Of course Anca took the 4 furry noses home with her. There they first got something to eat and were freed from annoying vermin.


10. November 2022

One day in November was to bring a turnaround in the life of a young male dog. A young male, not even 1 year old, had injured his right front leg. Probably while looking for something to eat somewhere, he had slipped along a sharp object. Since then he had been limping and in pain, could not walk well. Limped.

But what should he do now? He was hungry. He followed his nose, for he smelled a rubbish dump. Maybe there would be something lying around that he could eat. When the dog got there, there were already other street dogs at the rubbish dump. He was intimidated, afraid that he would be attacked if he looked for food here now.

Anca arrived at the dump and saw the situation with the young, injured dog. Calmly she approached the furry nose. His eyes were asking for help. Without further ado, Anca took the male dog in her arms and carried him to her car - to safety. It later turned out that the injury on his leg was "only" a superficial flesh wound and with medication an inflammation could be avoided. And the young male dog was given a name ... Oliver.

Oliver is now waiting for his humans at Anca's "Safe Place".
Click here to go to Oliver's introduction page.


09. November 2022

There really are still WONDERS !!!

We are overjoyed, because the mummy-female of the 8 puppies from the "wild" rubbish dump has been found. :-)

How did it come about?
Anca had put a post on Facebook describing the fate of these 8 puppies. This in turn was seen by someone who said he knew the puppies and also their mum. He had seen them in front of his neighbour's property - just a few days ago. Anca phoned this person, asked him to describe the spot and asked one of her helpers to look for the mummy female there. That's how it happened. Madelina, the helper who also found the 8 puppies, immediately set off. And indeed, she found the mummy. The female had a very full udder.

The family reunion was heartbreaking and beautiful.
Simply indescribably beautiful. Goosebumps moment.

In the last few days, the 8 puppies became more and more depressed. They ate very badly and were listless, very sad. They missed their mum, that was very clear. They huddled together, didn't play, didn't run around, just lay in a corner in their box. It was very sad. Anca tried everything to help the little ones, but nothing, until she came with her mummy.

Anca put the female in the space of the 8 puppies and waited to see what would happen. Something stretched in the "pile" of puppies and suddenly all the little furry noses came running screaming ... straight to their mummy. Greedily sucking on her teats.
Smacking noises. It was so beautiful ... wonderful.

Only 5 minutes later the little furry noses were like changed. They romped together, ran around, cuddled up to their mummy who licked them. Now we hope that all 8 puppies will make it. We will report back.


07. November 2022

A small, old, collapsed house on the border of Trusesti, dogs are seen there again and again, finding shelter there for a short time. Next to this house is a petrol station, which Anca visits at least once a day, either to fill up or to get a coffee. One day in mid-November, Anca stopped at this petrol station again to get a coffee. A petrol station employee approached her and told her that for the past few days he had been seeing a large white dog repeatedly going into this old house. The dog would limp and be quite skinny.

Anca took a bag of dry food and went into the old building. And yes, this big dog was really there and he was not well at all. He was very, very thin, his fur was shaggy, matted and in a few places it seemed to be very light. In addition, he had an injury on his hind leg and paw. The paw looked as if it had been dragged over something.

Marius, as Anca called this white, big dog, was very sweet, people-oriented and showed himself to be very submissive to her. She couldn't leave him there. Winter would soon be here and temperatures during the day in the 2-digit minus range were likely. Anca asked Marius if he wanted to go with her and yes, he willingly followed her to her car and got in as a matter of course.

Anca will introduce Marius to her vet and hopefully find out more about his leg and paw injury.


04. November 2022

Madelina, one of Anca's helpers, was on her way home late that afternoon. She passed a small wood and right behind the wood was a wild rubbish dump. All kinds of things were lying around. Building rubble, pieces of clothing and torn open sacks with something in them. And there Madelina saw little puppies lying next to a torn open bag. She counted 2, 4, 5, 7 and 8 little furry noses, maybe about 3 or 4 weeks old. Much too small to be without a mother. The little ones were desperately crying for their mum. They were hungry, thirsty and shaking all over.

What heartless human being could do such a thing? How can helpless babies be snatched from their mother?

Madelina called Anca and asked what she should do now. She couldn't carry all 8 puppies at once, she didn't have a bag with her and where should she take them. First of all, the pups had to be kept warm. Anca suggested to Madelina that she call her two friends, who were also helpers with Anca, and ask them to help her get the furry little ones into the warmth. Later, Anca would come to her and pick up the puppies.

And so it happened. Madelina, Cristina and Ana brought the 8 puppies into the warmth and waited for Anca.

We hope that the little ones will fight, because they were much too small to grow up without a mother. Anca will do her best to support the puppies in their fight.


13. October 2022

Anca learned from a friend that 2 puppies had been abandoned at a rubbish dump near Trusesti High School. These two puppies had probably been there for two or three days. As Anca was already at home, she asked her friend to check if the puppies were still there and, if necessary, to take them with her. She would pick them up from him the next day.

A little later, Anca received another call from her friend, who told her that the puppies were no longer at the dump. He suspected that someone had probably taken them.

The next morning, Anca woke up thinking about those 2 puppies. The weather forecast described the next few days as cold and rainy. The thought of the two furry noses and the restlessness they caused kept coming back, so that Anca went to the waste disposal site to check for herself before she started work as a teacher.

Anca's restlessness had a reason. The two puppies were indeed still hidden under a container at the waste disposal site. Now the two pups are safe with Anca and are getting their first vaccination. Fingers crossed that they are strong enough and survive.


12. October 2022

A small female is tied to a hook with a rope. This is anchored deep in the ground. No hut, no shelter, nothing where the female could find protection from the rain or the nightly cold. No water or food bowl was to be seen. And this was not enough, 3 puppies tried to find shelter and warmth with their mum.

A colleague of Anca's saw this fate of this little dog family and told her about it. Anca promised to go and see the female with her offspring. In the afternoon, both women went to the place where the dog family was seen.
Anca was horrified that this little female did not even have a shelter. Some nights were already very cold. The female tried to warm her 3 puppies in a shallow hollow. Anca looked at the puppies. All 3 puppies had bloated bellies - they were probably full of worms. The mummy female was also very thin and very, very sweet and cuddly.

The property belonged to a woman who was also watching Anca and now came out of her house. She told Anca that they were not her dogs, but those of her niece. She didn't want these dogs here at all. So why should she care? Anca was speechless at such indifference. Actually, Anca had no more space to house dogs, but she couldn't leave this family of dogs here. The woman was glad to be rid of this "livestock".

Now Anna, the mummy female, and her 3 puppies are with Anca in the quarantine station. There the little furry ones are being nursed and can grow up in safety.


07. October 2022

This was a day we will not soon forget.

Anca received a tip-off that in a small village not far from Trusesti, in a valley, someone had disposed of newborn puppies. Anca did not get how many or any further information. Only the approximate location was given to her.

Anca immediately set off for the valley with a helper who was helping her with her feeding tour that day. When they arrived, the two women saw the first puppy lying in the gravel, another one just a metre away and a third one lying in the bushes.

One puppy was already dead and the other two babies, a boy and a girl, were cold and there was hardly any life left in them. These newborn puppies were only a few hours old. At this age they are completely helpless. They can't hear or see anything yet. It hurts, it is incomprehensible. How can a person do such a thing?

Anca took the two still living puppies with her and she will do everything she can to help them survive. Wrapped up warm, the two furry noses were given their first milk meal at Anca's home.

Why don't you have your female/male neutered? Why not? This senseless pain, then puppies wouldn't have to come into the world to die immediately again!!!!


Sadly the puppy girl died that very night, The boy fought but he too died two days later. They were loved and cared for, given milk to drink and petted, felt closeness. A small consolation. :-(


03. October 2022

Anca was on her way to the centre of Botosani that day to do some private errands.

By chance, she met a former neighbour while shopping. They chatted a bit and during the conversation she told Anca about a female that had taken up residence next to her shop. This female would be very sweet, friendly to everyone and would not hurt anyone. She fed the furry nose from time to time, but the female was a thorn in the side of the other shopkeepers. People wanted her away from there. She thought about what she could do, where she could take the female, as she feared that the other shop owners might poison the female.

Anca asked where her shop was, she would come and look at the female. Together they drove to the neighbour's shop. Michelle, as the female was called, was delighted when she recognised Anca's neighbour and rushed over immediately, hoping to get something to eat.

And in addition to her neighbour's suspicions, the shop was located on a main road. A really dangerous place for such an adorable, friendly female. Anca took Michelle home with her. Even though Anca had absolutely no more space, she couldn't leave Michelle there.


28. September 2022

As so often happens, Anca received a call for help for a dog. A friend called her and told her about a puppy.

A puppy tied to a tree with a short rope. The puppy had nothing. No kennel. A shallow bowl, filthy, stood next to the tree.
Anca's friend went on to tell her that she had tried to take the puppy, but she could not. The puppy was extremely scared and screamed in panic when she tried to approach it. Now she wouldn't know what to do to help the little furry thing. Anca had the place described to her and wanted to meet her friend there.

It was terrible to hear how panic-stricken the little dog was crying. Anca suspected that the little puppy had been beaten up several times. Together with her friend, Anca managed to wrap the puppy girl in a blanket, cut off the rope and take the puppy with her.

Now the little furry nose is with Anca in the quarantine station, gets tasty food, has a shelter with a soft blanket. It will take a long time until the little one can hopefully trust people again. Eventually. At the moment Anca can approach her, but not touch her for a long time. The fear of being hurt again is still too great.

We will report on how things are going with Sydney.


22. September 2022

Anca received a call that day from a man who had got her phone number from a friend. This man has a car repair shop and noticed a small female with her 3 puppies on the garage's property that morning. He didn't know where they came from because the property is secured with a fence and he didn't really care because he didn't want any dogs with him.

Anca agreed to come to him as soon as she had time during the day to check on the little family of dogs. He should please let them stay on the property as long as the dogs were there.

When Anca arrived, she found a small older female with her 3 puppies. The female was very too homely and her puppies were about 4 weeks old. It is likely that someone threw the dogs over the fence. Luckily, none of the pups got hurt. However, they were very hungry and thirsty.

Now the little family is in quarantine with Anca. The puppies are being nursed, will soon get their first vaccination and as soon as the puppies no longer need their mum, Pusa, the female, will be spayed.


22. September 2022

That day, Anca received a call from a gentleman who had found a small female and her 3 puppies on his property, a car repair shop. They arranged that Anca would come to him that day to pick up the little dog family.

On the way to this meeting, Anca had the support of Elena Cardas that day, the two women saw, shortly before Botosani's city limits, a small female shyly stepping out of the undergrowth of a small wood. Anca stopped to give the female some food. Unfortunately, it was impossible to get any closer. The little female was so scared that it was impossible to catch her. The furry nose had probably been abandoned here and now she didn't trust anyone.

Anca had no choice but to leave the female food by the roadside. On the way back, they would stop here again and have a look. Maybe the female would still be there and recognise her. It was a very slim chance, but what else could the two women do?

Unfortunately, on the way back, they did not find this little female. But all the food had been eaten. At least for that day, this female had a full stomach.

This is also part of Aca's everyday life ... Being powerless in the face of it, not really being able to help.


21. September 2022

5 puppies, only a few weeks old, were snatched from their mother, put into a bag and dumped somewhere in a forest. Thrown away like rubbish. Doomed to die if someone didn't take notice of the little ones.

A young man, a student from Anca, received a call from a friend who had found these 5 puppies in the sack. Now, however, he did not know what to do with the puppies. Anca's student had the idea to call his teacher. She would surely be able to help. And yes, Anca asked her student to pick up the puppies from his friend, she would then take them over. And so it happened. 5 puppies, full of bugs and a bit thin, but otherwise in a relatively good condition.

Now the little furry ones are safe with Anca and are being nursed. We hope they are strong and we will be able to look for families soon.


20. September 2022

That day, Anca was out and about in the small village of Drislea. She had heard from someone that a male dog with severe mange had been seen there. Since this person could not tell her exactly where the dog was, she hoped that chance would help her and she would find the poor furry nose.

Anca drove around the rubbish dumps in the village. But unfortunately she did not see the male dog. Where else could she look? She drove to the village border. There was also another rubbish dump and - yes - the male dog was there looking for something to eat.

Anca approached the male dog with a can of wet food. And ... he immediately came up to her wagging his tail. The young male had bald patches all over his body, crusting on his face and he was so thin. Ribs and hip bones were clearly visible.

Now the young male is safe with Anca and is being cared for, given medication against mange and a soft place to sleep in the quarantine station of the "Safe Place".


12. September 2022

A puppy girl was abandoned/discarded by her owner at a waste site.

A little boy saw the little puppy squatting under a container and how it kept trying to make contact with people who approached the waste site. But no one paid any attention to the little puppy. Desperately, the little furry nose whimpered, but that didn't help either.

The boy felt sorry for the little puppy, but he was not allowed to bring any animals home. His parents would be very angry about it. He thought about how he could help. Then he remembered Anca. He knew her from school. So he tried to reach Anca via the internet/Facebook. And indeed he found her and wrote to her. He asked for help for the little puppy girl.

At that time Anca was still travelling in Trusesti. They arranged to meet at the rubbish dump. There the boy waited for Anca and in the meantime he took care of the little puppy girl so that nothing bad could happen to her. If only there were more young people like this boy! Thanks to him, the little puppy girl is safe, will be nursed and hopefully find a family.


02. September 2022

Late in the evening, Anca got a call from a friend who told her that he saw a sack lying just a few metres from his home. As something was moving inside the sack, he opened it and looked. What emerged was a small dog. To be more precise, it was a puppy girl. But now he wouldn't know what to do. He has a job and cannot keep a dog with him.

Anca asked her boyfriend to keep the puppy girl with him overnight. She would come to him the next day and pick up Mona, the name the puppy girl would get later.

This is what happened. Mona is now living with Anca in her "safe place" and will soon get her first vaccination.


01. September 2022

Drislea, a small village on the main road from Botosani to Trusesti. Here, too, Anca is known for helping furry noses and velvet paws.

For a puppy girl named Lusha, 1 September was the day her life took a turn.

Anca was feeding strays by the roadside when a woman approached her. In her arms was a puppy. The woman approached Anca and told her that her husband was going to abandon Lusha, at the well-known car park by the forest, because the puppy girl had allegedly been killing chicks. She was afraid for the little puppy girl and asked Anca for help. Of course, Anca could not refuse this help and took Lusha into her care. Lusha is an adorable puppy girl of about 5 or 6 months.


31. August 2022

A young female was walking along a country roads. Watching her, you could tell she didn't know where to go. She stopped, walked a few steps, turned around, ran back. It is likely that this female was abandoned by her owner and she was completely overwhelmed.

The female continued to run along the country roads. Cars passed close by. Each time, the female flinched. People were coming towards her. The female ran to them, hoping to get help. But no, these people paid no attention to her. She ran a few steps further and there was someone again. Maybe now it was someone who would help her.

Anca walked a short distance along the country roads in front of her house that evening to turn into the next path when she noticed a small dog acting as if it had just been abandoned. Totally frantic movements. Panicked running back and forth. She walked closer to the dog and it was already coming towards her. It was a small female - still young. Maybe 6 or 7 months old. She was so friendly and she was literally begging for help. In her eyes Anca saw her fear of not being noticed again. Anca took the female in her arms, turned around and went home with Georgia.


26. August 2022

Calls for help reach Anca almost daily. This was also the case one day at the end of August.

This time it was an acquaintance of hers who noticed a taped up cardboard box under a small bridge that crossed a fortified ditch. There were whining noises coming out of it and so he looked. What came out were 2 little females and 3 young puppies. It looked like one of the little females was the mum of the 3 tiny puppies.

Anca had absolutely no space left, so she asked her friend to take the females and the puppies for a short time. As soon as there was room at a foster home, she would take the 5 dogs there. Of course Anca kept her promise and picked up the dogs a few days later from her friend. We will report how things are going with the little family and their dog friend. Facebook