04. November 2022

Madelina, one of Anca's helpers, was on her way home late that afternoon. She passed a small wood and right behind the wood was a wild rubbish dump. All kinds of things were lying around. Building rubble, pieces of clothing and torn open sacks with something in them. And there Madelina saw little puppies lying next to a torn open bag. She counted 2, 4, 5, 7 and 8 little furry noses, maybe about 3 or 4 weeks old. Much too small to be without a mother. The little ones were desperately crying for their mum. They were hungry, thirsty and shaking all over.

What heartless human being could do such a thing? How can helpless babies be snatched from their mother?

Madelina called Anca and asked what she should do now. She couldn't carry all 8 puppies at once, she didn't have a bag with her and where should she take them. First of all, the pups had to be kept warm. Anca suggested to Madelina that she call her two friends, who were also helpers with Anca, and ask them to help her get the furry little ones into the warmth. Later, Anca would come to her and pick up the puppies.

And so it happened. Madelina, Cristina and Ana brought the 8 puppies into the warmth and waited for Anca.

We hope that the little ones will fight, because they were much too small to grow up without a mother. Anca will do her best to support the puppies in their fight.


13. October 2022

Anca learned from a friend that 2 puppies had been abandoned at a rubbish dump near Trusesti High School. These two puppies had probably been there for two or three days. As Anca was already at home, she asked her friend to check if the puppies were still there and, if necessary, to take them with her. She would pick them up from him the next day.

A little later, Anca received another call from her friend, who told her that the puppies were no longer at the dump. He suspected that someone had probably taken them.

The next morning, Anca woke up thinking about those 2 puppies. The weather forecast described the next few days as cold and rainy. The thought of the two furry noses and the restlessness they caused kept coming back, so that Anca went to the waste disposal site to check for herself before she started work as a teacher.

Anca's restlessness had a reason. The two puppies were indeed still hidden under a container at the waste disposal site. Now the two pups are safe with Anca and are getting their first vaccination. Fingers crossed that they are strong enough and survive.


12. October 2022

A small female is tied to a hook with a rope. This is anchored deep in the ground. No hut, no shelter, nothing where the female could find protection from the rain or the nightly cold. No water or food bowl was to be seen. And this was not enough, 3 puppies tried to find shelter and warmth with their mum.

A colleague of Anca's saw this fate of this little dog family and told her about it. Anca promised to go and see the female with her offspring. In the afternoon, both women went to the place where the dog family was seen.
Anca was horrified that this little female did not even have a shelter. Some nights were already very cold. The female tried to warm her 3 puppies in a shallow hollow. Anca looked at the puppies. All 3 puppies had bloated bellies - they were probably full of worms. The mummy female was also very thin and very, very sweet and cuddly.

The property belonged to a woman who was also watching Anca and now came out of her house. She told Anca that they were not her dogs, but those of her niece. She didn't want these dogs here at all. So why should she care? Anca was speechless at such indifference. Actually, Anca had no more space to house dogs, but she couldn't leave this family of dogs here. The woman was glad to be rid of this "livestock".

Now Anna, the mummy female, and her 3 puppies are with Anca in the quarantine station. There the little furry ones are being nursed and can grow up in safety.


07. October 2022

This was a day we will not soon forget.

Anca received a tip-off that in a small village not far from Trusesti, in a valley, someone had disposed of newborn puppies. Anca did not get how many or any further information. Only the approximate location was given to her.

Anca immediately set off for the valley with a helper who was helping her with her feeding tour that day. When they arrived, the two women saw the first puppy lying in the gravel, another one just a metre away and a third one lying in the bushes.

One puppy was already dead and the other two babies, a boy and a girl, were cold and there was hardly any life left in them. These newborn puppies were only a few hours old. At this age they are completely helpless. They can't hear or see anything yet. It hurts, it is incomprehensible. How can a person do such a thing?

Anca took the two still living puppies with her and she will do everything she can to help them survive. Wrapped up warm, the two furry noses were given their first milk meal at Anca's home.

Why don't you have your female/male neutered? Why not? This senseless pain, then puppies wouldn't have to come into the world to die immediately again!!!!


Sadly the puppy girl died that very night, The boy fought but he too died two days later. They were loved and cared for, given milk to drink and petted, felt closeness. A small consolation. :-(


03. October 2022

Anca was on her way to the centre of Botosani that day to do some private errands.

By chance, she met a former neighbour while shopping. They chatted a bit and during the conversation she told Anca about a female that had taken up residence next to her shop. This female would be very sweet, friendly to everyone and would not hurt anyone. She fed the furry nose from time to time, but the female was a thorn in the side of the other shopkeepers. People wanted her away from there. She thought about what she could do, where she could take the female, as she feared that the other shop owners might poison the female.

Anca asked where her shop was, she would come and look at the female. Together they drove to the neighbour's shop. Michelle, as the female was called, was delighted when she recognised Anca's neighbour and rushed over immediately, hoping to get something to eat.

And in addition to her neighbour's suspicions, the shop was located on a main road. A really dangerous place for such an adorable, friendly female. Anca took Michelle home with her. Even though Anca had absolutely no more space, she couldn't leave Michelle there.


28. September 2022

As so often happens, Anca received a call for help for a dog. A friend called her and told her about a puppy.

A puppy tied to a tree with a short rope. The puppy had nothing. No kennel. A shallow bowl, filthy, stood next to the tree.
Anca's friend went on to tell her that she had tried to take the puppy, but she could not. The puppy was extremely scared and screamed in panic when she tried to approach it. Now she wouldn't know what to do to help the little furry thing. Anca had the place described to her and wanted to meet her friend there.

It was terrible to hear how panic-stricken the little dog was crying. Anca suspected that the little puppy had been beaten up several times. Together with her friend, Anca managed to wrap the puppy girl in a blanket, cut off the rope and take the puppy with her.

Now the little furry nose is with Anca in the quarantine station, gets tasty food, has a shelter with a soft blanket. It will take a long time until the little one can hopefully trust people again. Eventually. At the moment Anca can approach her, but not touch her for a long time. The fear of being hurt again is still too great.

We will report on how things are going with Sydney.


22. September 2022

Anca received a call that day from a man who had got her phone number from a friend. This man has a car repair shop and noticed a small female with her 3 puppies on the garage's property that morning. He didn't know where they came from because the property is secured with a fence and he didn't really care because he didn't want any dogs with him.

Anca agreed to come to him as soon as she had time during the day to check on the little family of dogs. He should please let them stay on the property as long as the dogs were there.

When Anca arrived, she found a small older female with her 3 puppies. The female was very too homely and her puppies were about 4 weeks old. It is likely that someone threw the dogs over the fence. Luckily, none of the pups got hurt. However, they were very hungry and thirsty.

Now the little family is in quarantine with Anca. The puppies are being nursed, will soon get their first vaccination and as soon as the puppies no longer need their mum, Pusa, the female, will be spayed.


22. September 2022

That day, Anca received a call from a gentleman who had found a small female and her 3 puppies on his property, a car repair shop. They arranged that Anca would come to him that day to pick up the little dog family.

On the way to this meeting, Anca had the support of Elena Cardas that day, the two women saw, shortly before Botosani's city limits, a small female shyly stepping out of the undergrowth of a small wood. Anca stopped to give the female some food. Unfortunately, it was impossible to get any closer. The little female was so scared that it was impossible to catch her. The furry nose had probably been abandoned here and now she didn't trust anyone.

Anca had no choice but to leave the female food by the roadside. On the way back, they would stop here again and have a look. Maybe the female would still be there and recognise her. It was a very slim chance, but what else could the two women do?

Unfortunately, on the way back, they did not find this little female. But all the food had been eaten. At least for that day, this female had a full stomach.

This is also part of Aca's everyday life ... Being powerless in the face of it, not really being able to help.


21. September 2022

5 puppies, only a few weeks old, were snatched from their mother, put into a bag and dumped somewhere in a forest. Thrown away like rubbish. Doomed to die if someone didn't take notice of the little ones.

A young man, a student from Anca, received a call from a friend who had found these 5 puppies in the sack. Now, however, he did not know what to do with the puppies. Anca's student had the idea to call his teacher. She would surely be able to help. And yes, Anca asked her student to pick up the puppies from his friend, she would then take them over. And so it happened. 5 puppies, full of bugs and a bit thin, but otherwise in a relatively good condition.

Now the little furry ones are safe with Anca and are being nursed. We hope they are strong and we will be able to look for families soon.


20. September 2022

That day, Anca was out and about in the small village of Drislea. She had heard from someone that a male dog with severe mange had been seen there. Since this person could not tell her exactly where the dog was, she hoped that chance would help her and she would find the poor furry nose.

Anca drove around the rubbish dumps in the village. But unfortunately she did not see the male dog. Where else could she look? She drove to the village border. There was also another rubbish dump and - yes - the male dog was there looking for something to eat.

Anca approached the male dog with a can of wet food. And ... he immediately came up to her wagging his tail. The young male had bald patches all over his body, crusting on his face and he was so thin. Ribs and hip bones were clearly visible.

Now the young male is safe with Anca and is being cared for, given medication against mange and a soft place to sleep in the quarantine station of the "Safe Place".


12. September 2022

A puppy girl was abandoned/discarded by her owner at a waste site.

A little boy saw the little puppy squatting under a container and how it kept trying to make contact with people who approached the waste site. But no one paid any attention to the little puppy. Desperately, the little furry nose whimpered, but that didn't help either.

The boy felt sorry for the little puppy, but he was not allowed to bring any animals home. His parents would be very angry about it. He thought about how he could help. Then he remembered Anca. He knew her from school. So he tried to reach Anca via the internet/Facebook. And indeed he found her and wrote to her. He asked for help for the little puppy girl.

At that time Anca was still travelling in Trusesti. They arranged to meet at the rubbish dump. There the boy waited for Anca and in the meantime he took care of the little puppy girl so that nothing bad could happen to her. If only there were more young people like this boy! Thanks to him, the little puppy girl is safe, will be nursed and hopefully find a family.


02. September 2022

Late in the evening, Anca got a call from a friend who told her that he saw a sack lying just a few metres from his home. As something was moving inside the sack, he opened it and looked. What emerged was a small dog. To be more precise, it was a puppy girl. But now he wouldn't know what to do. He has a job and cannot keep a dog with him.

Anca asked her boyfriend to keep the puppy girl with him overnight. She would come to him the next day and pick up Mona, the name the puppy girl would get later.

This is what happened. Mona is now living with Anca in her "safe place" and will soon get her first vaccination.


01. September 2022

Drislea, a small village on the main road from Botosani to Trusesti. Here, too, Anca is known for helping furry noses and velvet paws.

For a puppy girl named Lusha, 1 September was the day her life took a turn.

Anca was feeding strays by the roadside when a woman approached her. In her arms was a puppy. The woman approached Anca and told her that her husband was going to abandon Lusha, at the well-known car park by the forest, because the puppy girl had allegedly been killing chicks. She was afraid for the little puppy girl and asked Anca for help. Of course, Anca could not refuse this help and took Lusha into her care. Lusha is an adorable puppy girl of about 5 or 6 months.


31. August 2022

A young female was walking along a country roads. Watching her, you could tell she didn't know where to go. She stopped, walked a few steps, turned around, ran back. It is likely that this female was abandoned by her owner and she was completely overwhelmed.

The female continued to run along the country roads. Cars passed close by. Each time, the female flinched. People were coming towards her. The female ran to them, hoping to get help. But no, these people paid no attention to her. She ran a few steps further and there was someone again. Maybe now it was someone who would help her.

Anca walked a short distance along the country roads in front of her house that evening to turn into the next path when she noticed a small dog acting as if it had just been abandoned. Totally frantic movements. Panicked running back and forth. She walked closer to the dog and it was already coming towards her. It was a small female - still young. Maybe 6 or 7 months old. She was so friendly and she was literally begging for help. In her eyes Anca saw her fear of not being noticed again. Anca took the female in her arms, turned around and went home with Georgia.


26. August 2022

Calls for help reach Anca almost daily. This was also the case one day at the end of August.

This time it was an acquaintance of hers who noticed a taped up cardboard box under a small bridge that crossed a fortified ditch. There were whining noises coming out of it and so he looked. What came out were 2 little females and 3 young puppies. It looked like one of the little females was the mum of the 3 tiny puppies.

Anca had absolutely no space left, so she asked her friend to take the females and the puppies for a short time. As soon as there was room at a foster home, she would take the 5 dogs there. Of course Anca kept her promise and picked up the dogs a few days later from her friend. We will report how things are going with the little family and their dog friend.


19. August 2022

This day started with heavy rain that wouldn't stop. And it didn't really get light either. Actually, it was more a day to relax and gather new strength.

But in the afternoon Anca's phone rang. It was a friend who not only wanted to chat, but had found 5 puppies in a sewage canal on the outskirts of Botosani.

5 small, helpless puppies, aged about 3 to 4 weeks. Simply thrown away to die.
How unconscionable and cruel must this someone have been who could simply do this?

Anca's friend came to her house a short time later and handed over the 5 little furry noses. Wet to the skin and still some fleas scurried over their little bodies. The little ones were quickly brought into the warmth, given water and tasty puppy food and of course they were treated against vermin. Now we hope that the little ones were found in time and will survive. Hopefully they are little fighters.


13. August 2022

This day, this afternoon, this situation will remain in Anca's and Wilma's (1st chairperson of our partner association Aktiv Tierschutz Lichtblicke e.V. she visited Anca for a week) memory for a long time.

They were on the road in Trusesti that day. Visiting foster homes, feeding street dogs, visiting Anca's vet to do some shopping. After everything was done, the two women started on their way home. Just beyond the village limits of Trusesti, Anca and Wilma saw a dog walking along the country roads. The dog's gait seemed swaying, somehow strange. Anca stopped at the side of the road to take a closer look at the dog. Anca spoke to the dog, but the dog kept running without reacting. All Anca could see was that the dog was badly infested with mange.

Anca did not know where to touch the dog. The dog's whole body was covered in scabs and open sores. She quickly returned to the car. Anca drove after the dog, stopped in front of it, took a blanket from the car and threw it over the dog. Now the dog stopped and let Anca take him in her arms and carry him to the car without any resistance.

In the car, the two women took a closer look at the dog. It was a female, about 8 or 9 years old. Very, very thin, some of her teeth were missing. Her whole body was infested with mange, but worst of all ... the female had a deep open, already badly infected neck wound completely around her neck. Probably the female did not hear and see well anymore, which is why she did not react when Anca approached her.

What pain and helplessness this female had to feel and endure!
It was likely that she belonged to a shepherd who abandoned her because she could no longer do her job as a guard dog, as she was getting too old and too weak.

Now Lady is safe with Anca. Her wounds are being treated. She gets medication against mange. And she always gets enough water and food to regain her strength. A soft, dry place to sleep is included.


11. August 2022

At the beginning of August, Anca received a visit and active help from Wilhelmine Traut, 1st chairperson of our partner association Aktiv Tierschutz Lichtblicke e.V., from Germany. Every day, Wilma accompanied Anca on her feeding tour through Trusesti, to calls for help and helped Anca with her daily work in the "Safe Place".

On one of their tours around Trusesti, they saw a street dog at a car park, desperately looking for something to eat in a rubbish bin. Anca stopped and wanted to feed him. The second street dog came up and wanted to get some of the tasty wet food. And suddenly 2 puppies came rushing out of the bushes. The two street dogs were males, so it was clear that the two puppies had been abandoned here at the car park. The two little furry ones were so lucky. Only chance gave them a chance. Of course Anca took them with her.

But that was not all on this day. Late in the afternoon, on their way home, the two women saw two puppies running along the roadside. The puppies almost fell into the paved ditch. Again Anca stopped to bring the 2 puppies to safety. They were far too small to survive on the road. While "collecting" the 2 little furry ones, they also saw a third puppy that had already fallen into this ditch. Of course, the two women checked the immediate vicinity of the ditch to make sure they didn't miss a puppy. Thank God, it remained with the 3 puppies.

Now all 5 puppies are safe in their "safe place" with Anca.


09. August 2022

Slowly, Anca drove along a gravel road. She and Elena, her daughter, were on their way to the vet. From a distance, she saw a dog squatting by the side of the road, eating lots of grass. She stopped and wanted to take a closer look. This amount of grass was just unusual. At first the dog wanted to run away, but Anca's gentle voice made him stop and then even run towards her.

It was a young male. The furry nose was so thin, his ribs and hip bones were showing. Out of pure desperation and great hunger, the little one ate grass. Anca took him in her arms and the puppy was so happy to be allowed to go with her.

Now he is safe at one of Anca's foster homes and is being fostered there. We hope to be able to introduce him soon so that he gets the chance to find a home.


08. August 2022

Anca received a call from a lady who works in the industrial area of Botosani. This lady told Anca that she had found 9 puppies, only a few weeks old. When Anca asked about the mummy female, she was told that the female had died in a car accident and that she had found her dead in the morning. Anca agreed to help and would come in the afternoon to look at the puppies and discuss everything further.

And so it was.
9 lively little puppies. Not yet of the age to be without a mother, but already of the age to eat puppy food. they were already eating puppy food. Anca discussed with the lady that she would provide food and everything else for the puppies and in return the puppies would have to stay with the lady until Anca had space in her "safe place". And her own female would have to be spayed. The lady agreed.

The next day, however, everything was completely different when Anca brought the female back to the lady after the castration. The puppies had to leave immediately. Her husband did not want the puppies in his company. So Anca had no choice but to take the 9 little furry ones with her, even though the newly built quarantine station was not ready yet. We hope that the little ones are strong enough to survive.


02. August 2022

Anca saw this female for the first time at the beginning of August. The female's body was marked with mange and this had probably been the case for a long time. Her udder hangs low, so it can be assumed that this street bitch has already had to give birth to many puppies.

The village of Blandesti is not exactly on Aca's feeding route and yet she received a call from a resident who had been seeing this female at his home for several days. Unfortunately, this female is so suspicious of humans that Anca couldn't touch her, let alone take her to be treated and brought to safety.

Every other day, Anca drove to this residence to feed the female and gain her trust. One of the next days, not only the female was there, but also her offspring. 4 puppies and the little ones also had skin problems. As the puppies were already at the age to get along without their mother, Anca took the 4 puppies with her to be able to help at least these four.

More days passed, but the female still did not trust Anca. Anca even tried to get the female to doze off with an anaesthetic, but it didn't work. So Anca keeps trying and hopes that one day she will be able to take the female home. We will continue to report and hope.


31. July 2022

This day started for Anca with an invitation to a church wedding. Many guests of the bride and groom gathered in front of the church and chatted. Food and drink were distributed. Anca joined them until she noticed a small dog running towards the group of people. Friendly, the furry nose begged for something to eat, but no one gave him anything.

Anca went up to the dog, spoke to it and at that moment an elderly man came and tried to chase it away by kicking it in the air. Anca stood between them and protected the little dog. It was a small female, very sweet and friendly. Anca asked the guests if anyone knew who the female belonged to, but the only thing she learned was that the dog had been running around here for a few days trying to find something to eat.

Anca took the female and brought her to her car. Only there she noticed that this female had a deep wound around her neck. This furry nose had spent her life on a chain. Now Olivia, as Anca would later call the female, was safe. After the wedding, Anca went straight to her vet to have Olivia's neck wound treated.


22. July 2022

Anca was on her way to visit her mother. It is a long drive, as her mother lives in the north of Botosani County. Her way leads her past wild fields, long country roads, where no house or farm is to be seen far and wide. But at some point, Anca saw a van selling watermelons at the side of the road. She stopped, thinking it would be a nice idea to take a large melon as a gift.

She was still bargaining with the vendor when suddenly a small, black dog appeared. Anca asked the vendor if it was his dog, but he denied it and told her that this female had been here all day and kept lying down in the grass. It seemed like she was waiting for something. The female had probably been abandoned here and was now waiting for her owner to return, but he would never come back.

The little female was older. Anca estimated her to be about 6 years old. She had curly, curly fur, but it was trimmed. Her coat was bald in places. She also had very crooked canine teeth and her incisors were missing. Maja, as Anca would later call the female, was very affectionate and sweet. Anca did not have the heart to leave the female there and took her with her. Her mother would certainly be happy about a visit from an animal.


20. July 2022

That afternoon, Cristina, a helper and foster carer of Anca, was busy tidying up her garden. Around her, her foster cats were playing and trying to distract Cristina from her work. Again and again she interrupted her work to play with the velvet paws. But it doesn't help, the work has to be done. She brought the green waste to the edge of her property and suddenly she saw 2 furry noses running after the cats.

Two tiny ones. They were 2 boys, only a few weeks old. Probably someone had thrown the two puppies over the fence. Cristina examined the two little furry noses and fortunately none of them had suffered any injuries from the litter.

Now the two little puppies are being cared for by Cristina and we hope that we will find loving people for them.


19. July 2022

Anca received a call from a young man asking for advice and help for his female.

The young man told her that he was actually working in Germany and that he had entrusted his female to his neighbour's care during this time until he would return. During this time, his female became pregnant. No one noticed. When the young man returned, his female had given birth to 7 lively puppies.

Now the young man does not know what to do. He would like to take his female with him to Germany, as he would now work there forever. But what would become of her puppies? Anca offered the young man to have his female spayed and she would take the puppies and try to find people who would adopt the little ones.

This is what happened. The 7 puppies are now living with Cristina, a foster home of Anca, and are growing up there together with other puppies and cats. Their mum is neutered and in Germany with her owner.


16. July 2022

That day, Anca took a different route to Trusesti to feed "her" street dogs and cats. The main connecting road has been repaired and partly rebuilt for several months. This means that their travel time to Trusesti will be almost twice as long, as they will often only be able to drive over gravel roads.

But their alternative route also led over gravel roads. Wild meadows as far as the eye can see. A wonderful landscape. Wild and wide. No village, no house, no stable, nothing. And yet a black and white little dog appeared in the tall grass at the side of the path. Anca stopped to give it food and water, for it was already very warm in the early morning.

It was a girl, a puppy girl. Here in the middle of nowhere, where there is nothing, but really nothing, the little furry nose cannot survive. Anca tried to touch the puppy girl, but she could not. The little one was too scared, did not dare to be touched. Anca tried to gain her trust by giving her wet food. It took a long time until Anca finally succeeded and was able to take hold of the puppy. Now the puppy is safe. Out there in the middle of nowhere, the puppy girl could not have survived for long.


15. July 2022

A small rubbish dump behind a block of flats in the centre of Trusesti, Anca set up a feeding station there. Not only for the street dogs that often came there to look for food in the rubbish, but also for the street cats that lived here at the rubbish dump.

That morning, Anca received a call that a puppy had been seen at this rubbish dump, probably abandoned there. When she arrived at the site behind the block of flats, the little puppy was already running towards her and a few cats were also right there to devour the delicious wet food. The puppy, only a few weeks old, is now safe.

But another, a new furry nose approached the litter area and so did Anca. It was a big female. Very thin. You could clearly see her ribs and hip bones. She was timid and cautious, not really daring to go to Anca. And yet the female tried to come closer. The wet food simply smelled too good. And only then did we see that the female had a blue rope around her neck.

The closer the female came, the more you could see the extent of the injury caused by the rope around her neck. This rope must have been put on the female a long time ago and was never extended. This rope cut into her neck and caused wounds that had already become infected. Unfortunately, the female was too scared, so Anca could not touch her to catch her. Each attempt made the female jump to the side and put a few metres of space between her and Anca.

Anca will continue to try to gain the female's trust. Every day she will visit the female here at the waste site and hope to be able to take her away as soon as possible.


13. July 2022

Anca received a call for help from a man who lived in a small village near the main country roads to Trusesti. This gentleman told her that he had building materials lying on his property, such as wooden walls, and behind these boards a street dog had given birth to her 9 puppies.

This street dog is well known in this village. Residents had been feeding her for years, but no one thought of having the female spayed. So she gave birth to several puppies every year. And what happened to these puppies is not known to anyone.

Anca made an appointment with the gentleman for the next day to talk to the local residents about the importance and the rightness of finally having this female spayed.

On site, it became clear that this street dog was very reserved and cautious towards people. Despite wet food, Anca was unable to gain the female's trust. So she had no choice but to leave the family there and ask the gentleman to take care of the dog family for the next few weeks until the little ones were old enough for her to take them home.

Anca left dog food there for the gentleman. He promised to feed the female so that she could stay with her puppies and not go foraging. Anca will check on the dog family regularly. In a few weeks, Anca will take the puppies to her "safe place" and their mum will be spayed.


17. June 2022

On the way home, Anca saw a dog lying in a meadow next to the road. At first Anca thought "poor girl, unfortunately we are meeting too late". She thought the dog had been run over, managed to drag itself to the meadow and died there. But Anca wanted to be sure that she could no longer help the dog and stopped.

Surprise - the dog was just sleeping there. It was an older, large female. There was a flock of sheep nearby and Anca suspected that the female belonged to the shepherd. She went to the shepherd to ask him if the female was spayed, otherwise she would offer to have the female spayed. It turned out that the shepherd no longer wanted the female and had driven her away. She was too old and could no longer do her job, was his reply.

Anca went back to the female and gave her wet food, which she ate with great pleasure and then willingly got into her car. Now Sasha, as Anca now called the female, is safe with her. Soon Sasha will be vaccinated and neutered and will go in search of a family who will love her and never leave her.


16. June 2022

A white canvas bag is lying a little off the side of the road. It is possible that the sack only contains building rubble. Or!!!

That day, Anca took a different route to Trusesti. This led over gravel paths, through wild fields, past sheep pastures and suddenly a white canvas sack appeared next to the path in a wild meadow. Anca stopped and watched to see if the sack moved.
No movement and yet Anca wanted to be sure and went to the sack. Opened it and there was a puppy inside. At first Anca thought it was no longer alive and then the little head moved and two sad eyes looked at her.

Anca took the puppy, it was a girl, out of the sack and immediately the little furry nosed puppy's spirits revived. Juliette, as Anca would later call the puppy girl, was so thirsty. She got as much to drink as she liked and afterwards Juliette thanked Anca with lots of wet kisses. :-)
Now Juliette is safe.


15. June 2022

On the village border is the orphanage of Trusesti. Behind it are open fields, meadows and farmland. Children often play hide and seek there or run through the tall grass. On this day, a small group of children was playing there.

Only by chance did a child run very close to two puppies lying hidden in the high grass and notice them. The two pups were very trusting and let themselves be stroked and held by the children. The two puppies were probably abandoned on the road and hid in the tall grass for protection. Luckily for them, the orphans discovered them and took them with them.

Back at the orphanage, the children told the orphanage manager about their find so that she could inform Anca. Now the two puppies, only a few weeks old, are in Anca's care and waiting to find a family of their own.


27. May 2022

Small rubbish dumps, usually consisting of 2 to 4 rubbish containers, are often found in and around Trusesti. Not only household waste, plastic bottles, building rubble, old clothes etc. are disposed of there, but unfortunately also unwanted pets time and again. Most of them are dog or cat puppies. Simply thrown away like rubbish. Condemned to die.

Anca was passing one of these rubbish dumps and heard a soft whimpering. She looked in the containers and finally found 2 very young puppies among all the household rubbish. Their little bodies were covered with flies. Carefully, Anca took the first little puppy out and put it in a box that was next to the bin, and then the other puppy. The two furry little ones still had their eyes closed. They had only recently been born and now they had been thrown away to die.

Without a replacement mum, it would be very difficult for the 2 puppies to survive. Thank goodness there was a mama dog at a foster home at the time, who was not only raising her own puppies, but also 4 orphans already. Anca hoped that this mama dog would also take in these 2 little furry noses. And yes, the female did let the 2 orphans drink with her. :-)


25. May 2022

In April - 4 young kittens - they were not even given time by their owner to be old enough for their eyes to open - were just dumped like rubbish in a rubbish place.

Someone put these helpless baby cats in a cardboard box, closed it and left it by a dumpster. With the full intention of leaving these helpless kittens to die.

Fortunately for these kittens, a young man heard the soft meowing and took a closer look at the box. What he saw startled him. 4 kittens, drenched in their own saliva, dehydrated and hungry and weak, lay in the box. All four still had their eyes closed. Of course the young man, who happened to be one of Anca's helpers, took the box and its precious contents.

At first, the young man tried to feed the little velvet paws with cat milk, but he noticed that they refused to eat. A cat wet nurse had to be found quickly. Luckily, Cristina, a foster home of Anca, knew a female cat who had lost her kittens to stray dogs and had plenty of milk to give. Anca picked up the kittens from the young man and took them to Cristina. There she was already waiting for the 4 orphans together with the replacement cat mum. 


24. May 2022

A friend of Anca lives in the centre of Botosani. He was on his way home, which leads between two blocks of flats. There is also a small rubbish area where residents can dispose of their household rubbish and other things. Unfortunately, "useless" and unwanted pets are often dumped at such rubbish sites. Mostly they are puppies and kittens.

Shortly before this rubbish dump, Anca's friends come across a small dog. The little furry thing was probably simply thrown away / abandoned at this rubbish dump. Since the man is an animal lover, he couldn't just leave this little puppy girl to her own devices and took her with him. Now little Ani is safe with Anca's friend, who will take care of the puppy for the time being.


13. May 2022

Small waste sites are very common in villages or towns. These waste sites usually consist of 2 to 6 containers where residents can dispose of their household waste and all kinds of other things. And, unfortunately, sometimes baby animals.

A little boy was on his way home from school when he passed one of these waste sites. As he walked by, he noticed 4 puppies squatting under a container. The boy sat down in front of the container and tried to lure the puppies out with the help of a piece of bread. Little by little, the little furry noses came out. The boy wanted to take the puppies and bring them to safety and tried to take all 4 in his arms. But he didn't have the strength to carry all 4 at the same time. So he had to leave 3 puppies there at the rubbish dump. In tears, he ran home with the one puppy in his arms.

Once there, he told his mother about the 3 puppies he had to leave behind, crying. His mother knew Anca and immediately called her to ask for help for the 3 puppies. When the boy heard that Anca was coming to look for the 3 puppies at the waste site, he immediately ran. There was no way he wanted to risk Anca not finding the place, so he ran almost a kilometre to meet her.

Arriving at the waste site, Anca helped the little boy secure the waiting puppies and then drove to his home. His mother agreed to keep the 4 puppies with her until Anca had space in the "Safe Place" for them and so now the little boy can look after "his 4 rescued puppies" himself.

This little boy has a very big heart for animals in need. We cannot praise this highly enough and there should be many more young people who see the need of animals and want to help them.


12. May 2022

A friend of Anca's feeds street animals in the neighbourhood where he lives. One day, a little female showed up at one of his feeding stations. She was very trusting and affectionate, but Anca's friend couldn't take the little furry nose with him because he had a few dogs of his own and no other space available. Every day he went to this feeding station and little Mia, as he called her, was always waiting there for him. Maybe in the hope that today she would be allowed to go with him.

One day in early May, Aca's friend came to the feeding station and saw an old woman trying to chase the little female away. She kept hitting her walking stick in Mia's direction, trying to kick her as the little furry nose wouldn't run away. Anca's friend hurried to intervene in time before Mia hit another blow.

And thank God, he was still in time, intervened and took Mia in his arms. Actually, he didn't know where to leave Mia and that's when he remembered Anca. One phone call and Mia was promised a safe place in Anca's "Safe Place".

Mia is an adorable little female and we hope to find her a family soon.


11. May 2022

One morning Anca went to get food from her garage when a neighbour came to her. She was holding a very thin cat in her arms. She told Anca that she was afraid for her cat because her husband wanted to kill it because it had been chasing baby ducks.

If the cat had really hunted baby ducks, it was out of sheer necessity. He must have been very hungry because he was so thin and his fur was scaly and sticky. Anca's neighbour hoped that she would take the cat in. And sure enough, Anca took the thin cat and gave him something to eat first. When Anca asked how old the cat was and how long he had been living with them, her neighbour had already left. Anca took the cat to Cristina, one of her foster homes. There, the cat was nursed and when he had gained a lot of weight, he was neutered.

Now Ben lives with Cristina, but he is a stray. He comes and goes whenever he wants. That's how it should be. There will always be a bowl of fresh water and a bowl of food waiting for Ben. And maybe one day he will decide to stay with Cristina completely.


09. May 2022

That day, Anca received a call from someone in the village of Zaicesti. This person told her that a small female and her puppy had been seen on a side path near the main road. These two little furry ones were very trusting and had run after him. He suspected that the two dogs had been abandoned.

Anca asked the caller for his name, but he did not want to give it, instead he told her where exactly the mummy female and her puppy were. Anca wanted to ask the caller to take care of the two dogs until she could come and pick them up. But while she was still talking, the caller ended the call and hung up. Anca was a little stunned and wondered whether she should really go to the village to look for the shepherdess. It was more likely that she would not find the two furry noses.

But Anca kept thinking about the mummy female and her puppy and finally she went to the village and looked for the two dogs. Anca also found the place that the caller had described to her and indeed, somewhat hidden in the grass, the little puppy was sitting and its mummy was not far away.

Luckily Anca went to the village of Zaicesti to look for them. Now Zina and her puppy are safe with Anca.


06. May 2022

Anca received a call from a friend asking her to help a cat family.

Her friend lives in the village of Drislea and his neighbour passed away leaving behind a highly pregnant cat that no one wanted. So Anca's friend continued to feed the cat until one day this cat brought her 3 kittens to him.

Anca asked her friend to continue to feed the cats family and take care of them until she could come to pick them up. Of course, her friend agreed. The very next day Anca visited the little cat family. The mummy cat looked physically well, well-fed and was touchingly looking after her offspring. Anca actually wanted to take the family with her, but her friend agreed to take care of the family until the kittens were old enough to be weaned. This gives Anca a little more time to find a place for the family.


05. May 2022

One morning in early May, a boy and his youth group were on a hiking holiday near Suceava in the mountains. No one noticed where a little puppy suddenly came from. This little furry thing ran whimpering behind the group, trying to keep up and draw attention to itself. One boy heard something strange, turned around and saw the little black puppy. They were in the middle of nowhere. No house, no hut, no stable, nothing where the puppy could have come from. How could anyone have the heart to abandon a baby in the middle of nowhere. Only chance saved the little puppy girl's life. And of course the boy from Belgium. There was no question about it, the puppy was taken away.

But now help had to be found, because the boy was actually from Belgium and could not keep the puppy girl or even take her with him. So he called a friend in Belgium who knew Anca and asked her for help for the little furry girl. A meeting place was arranged in Botosani, where Anca took over the sweet little puppy girl, who now bears the beautiful name Alisha.

Soon Alisha will get her first vaccination and we hope that we can find a family for the sweet puppy girl soon.


01. May 2022

A dusty, sandy path - 4 young puppies running around in the middle of this path. They don't know where to go. They were zigzagging back and forth. It was around midday and it was a very warm day. The little ones were panting heavily. 2 of the little furry noses could go no further, were exhausted and sat down on the spot, in the blazing sun.

2 children saw the puppies sitting there in the middle of the dusty path. A lady passed the little furry noses and went on her way. No one paid any attention to the puppies.

It was around noon when Anca received several messages that 4 puppies had been found abandoned. In addition, Anca also received several phone calls telling her that 4 puppies needed help in Trusesti. But no one was willing to take them in for a short time and keep them safe until she could pick them up.

But then a young woman called Anca and agreed to take the 4 puppies in until the next morning, give them water and something to eat. Anca promised to pick up the 4 puppies the next day. Now the 4 puppies, 3 girls and 1 boy, are with Anca and are being fed. It is always incomprehensible to us how helpless puppies can be abandoned. Just like that ... !!!

Now the 4 little furry ones have a chance to survive. We keep our fingers crossed and hope.


26. April 2022

At 5:00 am, Cristina, a foster carer of Anca, briefly looked out of the window to see if the rain had stopped. She wanted to take care of her foster dogs and cats before she went to work, and to do that she waited for a break in the rain.

Cristina was about to turn away from the window when she saw something scurrying around in her garden out of the corner of her eye. She looked closer and saw 2 puppies, no - 3 puppies running around in her front garden.

Cristina went out and collected the 3 puppies. They were two girls and one boy. Maybe about 6 weeks old. The pups' fur was damp from the rain, but not really wet. Therefore, it seems likely that someone had deliberately put the 3 little furry ones in Cristina's front garden during a break in the rain.

The 3 puppies were very hungry and quickly ate the wet food that Cristina provided for them. Apart from that, all three are lively, cuddly puppies and we really hope that it will stay that way and that they can get their first vaccination soon.


08. April 2022

When Anca arrived at the high school that day, she was already greeted excitedly by a handful of students.

They told her that a kitten was sitting scared in a woodpile. In the morning it was still sitting in the middle of the schoolyard and then, as more students arrived, the kitten ran towards the woodpile and was gone. It was a young kitten. Anca suspected that someone had abandoned the little kitten here.

It took a while before Anca could persuade the little kitten to come out of the woodpile. It was very hungry and could not resist the delicious wet food. It turned out to be a young male cat, cuddly and friendly. He was just scared, but when Anca took him in her arms, he felt very comfortable there.

Now the young cat is with Cristina, a foster home of Anca, and is being fostered.


05. April 2022

Anca was on her way home and wanted to stop at the car park on the main road between Botosani and Trusesti to stock her feeding station. Often, puppies and kittens are abandoned here. But adult dogs are also "dumped" here.

No dog or cat was to be seen. Anca was relieved. But then there was a rustling in the bushes. Still nothing was to be seen. Anca called out to whoever was probably hiding there.

And ... it rustled again.
And ... two dogs came running out of the bushes towards Anca.
They ran around her, prancing and were so pleased that there was now someone there.

There were 2 females. One older and one younger. Anca guessed that they were mother and daughter and had been abandoned here only a short time before. Thank God they ran into the bushes in panic and not onto the road. Anca willingly took the two females in her arms and carried them to her car and to safety. Now both furry noses are with Anca in her "safe place".


28. March 2022

Early in the morning that day, Anca wanted to quickly pack some food into her car before she had to leave for her workplace, the high school in Trusesti. As the road is currently being rebuilt, her car is parked a few metres away. When Anca got closer to her car, she saw a light-coloured dog standing next to it.

Why was there a dog standing by her car and why was it prancing on the spot?

When she arrived at her car, Anca saw that the dog was tied to her car with a blue rope. A nice neighbour must have wanted to give her a present! This dog had probably lost its purpose with its owner and should probably go away. But better here tied to her car than somewhere in a forest on a tree.

It was a female dog. A very friendly, sweet and affectionate dog. Anca untied her and Linda, as Anca would later call the dog, followed without hesitation. The young bitch was so happy, licking her hands. Linda was well fed and in relatively good health.

But now Anca had to go to work first. She provided Linda with food, water and a soft pad. Later she would take a closer look at Linda and present her to her vet. Soon we hope to find a family for the beautiful Linda who will never abandon her again.


23. March 2022

Schon Mitte Februar wurden Welpen in einem Sack aufgefunden, die, Gott sei Dank, von einen befreundeten Schäfer gefunden wurden.

Heute fand dieser Schäfer wieder einen Sack bei der Wanderung über die Weiden mit seinen Schafen. In dem zugebundenen Sack steckte eine kleine Katze, wie leider schon nicht mehr am Leben war, und ein kleiner Hund, der allerdings schon sehr schwach war. Der Schäfer informierte Anca und bat um Hilfe für den kleinen Rüden.

Anca bat ihren Freund, den Rüden mit zu nehmen, mit Futter und Wasser zu versorgen und sie würde sobald es ihr möglich war, den Hund bei ihm abholen. Natürlich willigte der tierliebe Schäfer ein und kümmerte sich um Mellow, wie der junge Rüde schon bald genannten werden wird.

Nun ist Mellow bei Anca in ihrem "Safe Place" und wird aufgepäppelt. Er ist ein lieber, kleiner, junger Rüde, der i. M. noch nicht so recht versteht, was da mit ihm passiert ist. Aber er liebt seine Wolldecke bei Anca. :-)


22. March 2022

A small ditch usually runs alongside the rural roads. Excess rainwater is supposed to run off or seep into these channels. To be able to cross such a ditch, small bridges or footbridges are built.

A woman found 4 young puppies under such a bridge and fed them there. The lady tried to take care of the puppies for 3 days, but she noticed that the puppies were getting weaker and weaker. She did not know what to do, how to continue to care for the puppies.

In her distress and concern for the puppies, she called Anca and told her about the foundlings. Anca asked the lady to catch the puppies and take them home with her. She would definitely pick up the puppies on her way home. As it turned out later, there were 3 girls and 1 boy. All 4 puppies were severely dehydrated and very thin. The four of them would not have survived long under this bridge.

Now the 4 puppies are in Anca's care, they are being treated, getting rebuilding preparations, good food and a lot of care. We hope that the little ones will fight. We are keeping our fingers crossed for them.


17. March 2022

Today was Trapo Day again.
A few dogs are lucky and can travel to their families - leaving Romania.

Anca is waiting for the transport van that was supposed to arrive at her place in the afternoon. Some time before, she received a call from one of the drivers. He told Anca that on the way to her place they had seen a probably pregnant bitch on a busy country road. They stopped to feed her and ... they couldn't help themselves. They took the bitch with them.

This dog was so sweet, so submissive and begging for help. What could they do? Refuse to help her? No way. Of course Anca agreed to take the dog in.

And so Fiona, as the dog is now called, arrived at Anca's "Safe Place". Soon we will be able to tell you more about Fiona and then we will try to find a home for the lovely dog.


14. March 2022

That day, it was a Monday, Anca went to her vet after her lessons. There she wanted to buy a few things she needed for a treatment for a dog. When she got out of her car, Anca saw a piece of tail sticking out from under a parked car. She wasn't really sure if it was a tail at that moment though, so she went to run her errands first.

When Anca wanted to go back to her car, she saw that the cock was still peeking out from under the car. She went closer and looked under the car. A pair of eyes looked at her and out came a very thin, older female dog. The fur was very dirty and you could clearly see that the female dog had a skin problem. Bella, the name the female dog will get later, ran around nervously, frightened of passers-by. Anca got some dry food and put some down for Bella. The female dog took a few pieces, but was too nervous and scared to eat in peace. So Anca got some wet food and tried to feed it to Bella to gain her trust. Anca's soft word and the tasty wet food made Bella trust. Now Anca was able to pet Bella and then take her to her car, to safety.

Before she drove home, Anca wanted to ask the residents if anyone knew Bella. An older female dog, Anca estimates Bella to be about 7 to 8 years old, should actually be known here. But nobody knew anything. A local resident told her that he had seen the female dog here last weekend after the market. Presumably, the female dog was simply left here 3 days ago after the market.

Now Bella is with Anca and is being cared for. She is receiving medication for her skin problem, vitamins and high-quality food so that she can regain her strength and we can soon find a nice home for the lovely female dog.


09. March 2022

At Trusesti's village border there is an old grain silo. Anca has seen street dogs appearing there frequently recently. She set up a feeding station there to see if they are known street dogs or new immigrants.

In early March, Anca was there again by the silo, scattering dry food, when she noticed a female hunting dog. The female dog tried to come to Anca, but could barely stay on her feet. Anca went to her and noticed her yellowish eyes, her gums were very pale. It was clear to Anca that the female dog had Babesiosis and had had it for a long time. She needed immediate treatment to have any chance of surviving. Anca called her vet so that the female dog could get immediate help.

Anca is sure that the hunting dog was abandoned because she was sick. On social media, Anca tried to find the owner, but no one knew or knew anything about the female dog. However, a friend of Anca's became aware of the female dog and contacted Anca. The friend would like to adopt the female dog if she survives. Fingers crossed that the lovely female dog makes it.


The treatment worked and Julia, the hunting dog, made it. She is now living with Anca's friend, another female dog and cats, being fostered and has a family who will never abandon her again. A beautiful happy ending.


23. February 2022

Open land as far as the eye can see. No house, no stable, nothing.
And in the middle of it all, a black dot.

Anca was on her way home from visiting her mother when she saw this black dot in the middle of nowhere. She stopped and slowly walked towards the black dot to see what it could be. As she got closer, she recognised a black dog. Squatting on the barren ground.

Anca reached out and the dog ducked right down. And there, under the dog's belly, a small puppy emerged. Both animals were in poor physical condition. Both had skin problems. Someone had abandoned this female dog and her baby together. In the middle of nowhere. No water, no food. Probably the puppy would have died soon and its mum? It is unimaginable how a human being can bring himself to do this.

Anca first took the puppy and put it in her car to safety, then she went back to get the female dog. And she was still sitting in the same spot, crouched. When Anca picked her up and took her to the car, she did not move. The female dog was motionless, like a stone. What must this female dog have experienced in her life to be so rigid with fear?

Lotty and her puppy are now safe with Anca and are being treated for their mange and fed. It took a little while for the two of them to realise and believe that nothing bad would happen to them now. We will report how the two furry noses are doing.


22. February 2022

In the morning of that day, Anca received a call from Cristina, one of her foster homes.

Very upset, Cristina reported that someone had thrown a sack over the fence in her back yard. The sack was not tied, so 4 puppies were lying and sitting next to the sack. The puppies are fine. None of them is hurt. But still Cristina continued to rant about how someone could be so cruel as to take the pups away from their mother and then abandon them in the sack.

Anca tried to calm Cristina down.
Fortunately, no one was hurt and it was better to have been abandoned at Cristina's than somewhere far away in the forest where no one could reach them. Now the 4 puppies would have a chance to survive and even find a loving family later on.

For the time being, the 4 puppies will stay with Cristina, who is very spoiling and caring for them. In the next few days they will get their first vaccination. We will report how things are going with the 4 puppies.


21. February 2022

Every now and then ... or more often, Anca's car needs diesel (much more often with the many routes she drives to get to her feeders), and so on this day she stopped at the petrol station located just after the village entrance of Trusesti on the country road.

Opposite this petrol station is a relatively open area. Only a small company has set up a car box there, for washing cars.

When Anca went to her car after paying, she saw Cristina, a helper of hers and now a passenger, get out to go to a dog on the opposite side. Anca saw the dog crawl very submissively, almost crawling towards Cristina. It was a female dog, thin and not in good health. Shaggy fur, covered in ticks, fleas scurrying through her short coat.

Cristina looked at Anca and, sure enough, the female dog was asking for help, which she was about to get. Cristina took the female dog in her arms and walked her to the car. Tara, as the female dog will now be called, is a very sweet and reserved dog who wants to do everything right so that she can stay safe. Anca asked at the petrol station and the small car wash company if anyone knew anything about the female dog. But no, nobody knew the female dog or where she came from.

Now Tara is safe with Anca and is being fostered.


20. February 2022

In mid-November 2021, Anca received a call from her great-aunt. She told her that she had found a highly pregnant female dog at the end of October. Since the female dog was very sweet and friendly to people, she took her with her so that the female dog could have her puppies in peace and safety.

On 01 November the time had come. The female dog gave birth to 2 puppies. A boy and a girl. Anca's great aunt went on to tell her that she would take care of the dog family, but she could not keep all 3 dogs. She would like to take in the mother dog forever, but her puppies, that would just be too much. Anca's great-aunt asked Anca if she knew of a solution.

Today, 20 February, Bobby and Bessy moved in together with Anca in her "safe place". Their mum also came along and stayed with Anca's vet for the castration. In a few days Anca will take the female dog back to her great aunt.

Bobby and Bessy are 2 adorable, beautiful collie mixes. They are lively, outgoing and full of beans, just like puppies should be. We hope to find families for these adorable creatures soon.


19. February 2022

Alexandra, one of Anca's helpers, was walking in the centre of Trusesti. She happened to pass by a rubbish dump. These rubbish dumps, several containers arranged together, are very often found behind apartment blocks. Everything from household rubbish to bulky furniture, clothes and even unwanted dog and cat puppies is disposed of there.

Luckily, Alexandra took a closer look and noticed 3 tiny puppies running around in front of and under the containers. These puppies were probably only 4 weeks old.

How can someone snatch little puppies in need of help from their mother and dispose of them like household rubbish?

Alexandra took the 3 tiny puppies home with her and informed Anca. Luckily for the 3 little ones, a female dog mum and her 4 puppies had found a refuge at Cristina's, one of Anca's foster homes. Anca wanted to try the next day to get this female dog to adopt the 3 orphans. Then there would be a better chance that the 3 little furry ones would survive.

The next day showed that the mama female dog had so much love and care left that she accepted the 3 orphaned furry noses and took care of them touchingly. We hope that the 3 tiny ones will survive so that we have the chance to find loving families for them.


16. February 2022

For the past few weeks, Anca has been seeing a new female dog hanging around the Trusesti High School area, running up and down the access road to the school.

Anca also kept observing the female dog running up to passers-by and begging for attention. Maura, as Anca now calls the young female dog, is very cuddly and friendly to everyone. Anca suspects that Maura was abandoned and is now trying to find a new owner.

As the days go by, Maura recognises Anca's car and comes running from far away to get her breakfast and to be petted. On one of these occasions, Anca took Maura to her vet to have the female dog spayed. Actually, Anca wanted to bring Maura back too, but ...

... but Maura was so cuddly at the vet's, so in need of love, that Anca did not have the heart to bring Maura back after the observation period. Maura is now getting her vaccination and we hope that the cuddly, only 40 cm small Maura will soon find her family and be allowed to travel with them.


15. February 2022

That morning, as Anca was turning at the main intersection in Trusesti to get to her workplace, she saw a small dog running around in panic. He ran into the street, back onto the pavement, frightened by the passers-by and ran into the intersection.

Anca quickly stopped her car and ran into the intersection. Cars braked. The little dog stopped, petrified, thank God, so that Anca could reach him and take him in her arms. She estimates the little male dog to be about 7-8 months old and suspects that he was abandoned there at the crossroads only a short time before.

The little pelt-nose was very lucky that Anca got there at the right time and was able to prevent the worst from happening. Now he is safe with her at the "Safe Place", being fed up and getting his vaccinations. We hope that even though he is black, he will find his people.


11. February 2022

A shepherd friend was waiting for Anca at an access road. He knew that she passes by there every morning when she goes to her job, the high school of Trusesti. Under his jacket, the shepherd had 2 puppies. He waved at Anca and signalled her to stop as she drove up.

The shepherd showed Anca the 2 puppies and told her that he had found a sack in the field with his sheep that morning. There were 4 puppies in the sack. Two of them were no longer alive.

Anca looked at the 2 puppies. She estimated the age to be about 4 weeks. One puppy seemed very weak, the other one a bit stronger. Anca took both puppies with her and drove to her vet before her lessons at school started. There, the two little furry noses were given vitamins, supplements, food, water and a soft, warm shelter until Anca could return to take them home.

Now we hope that both puppies will fight. Anca will try everything to support the two puppies in their fight. We will report back.


11. February 2022

Market day in Trusesti.

A few stalls are set up. There is a lot of activity everywhere. Mostly people sell until around noon and then slowly repack and load everything that is not sold. Packaging and residual waste are disposed of.

And between two stalls sits a shy and frightened young dog. Probably left behind by its owner. The little one has certainly done nothing wrong and yet his owner obviously did not want to keep him. Maybe his owner tried to sell the little dog, like the fruit and vegetables on that market day. And when that didn't work, he left the puppy boy behind like rubbish.

Anca and Alexandra came to their vet that day to buy a few more things they needed to treat newcomers. A few stalls were also set up outside the surgery. Alexandra saw the little dog sitting among the dismantled stalls first and went to him. The look on the little puppy's face said it all. Sadness, helplessness and fear could be seen in his eyes.

It is simply incomprehensible why someone would abandon a baby.
Castrations are offered by Anca and her vet in a project for the residents of Trusesti. It would be so "easy" to prevent unwanted offspring from being born in the first place and thus so much suffering, pain and fear would not exist in the first place. Castrations are so important to prevent some of the animal suffering from happening in the first place. Every castration counts.

The little pelt-nose was lucky that Anca and Alexandra arrived at the right place at the right time and were able to see Ross, as the little one is now called, and take him with them.


02. February 2022

On the way to Trusesti, just before the village of Siliscani, there is a gas station. An elderly female dog lives there and gets "breakfast" from Anca every morning. The female dog happily comes over as soon as she hears Anca's car.

Today, however, not only the older female dog was waiting for Anca, but also another, smaller, younger female dog. This little female dog was still very jumpy and nervous. Anca suspects that someone had dropped the little one off and that it was not too long ago.

Since the young female dog is very sweet and people-oriented and also showed signs of wanting to go with her, Anca couldn't leave her there and took the little dog with her.

Now the little female dog is safe with Anca. All she needs now is a loving family to whom she can soon travel. We very much hope that this will be possible very soon.


22. January 2022

A young male dog did not know what to do next in his life. Frightened, he stood in a field somewhere outside a village. His owner had probably dropped him off at this field in a car and driven away.

Helpless, rigid with fear, the young male stood there when Diana and Leona, two of Anca's helpers, saw him at this field.

Since the two young women knew that Anca actually had no space left at all in her "safe place", they tried anyway and called Anca. They told her about the dear male dog who was standing there as if petrified and did not dare to move. Anca agreed to take the male dog in.

When they arrived at Anca's home, the male dog was first freed from all the ticks. Diana, Leona and Anca had a lot of work to do to get all the vermin off the dog. At first the young dog was very shaky, but then he realised that the women were helping him and so he relaxed and let everything go.

We will report how the handsome young male is settling in with Anca.


22. January 2022

In Botosani, there was an elderly lady who took care of strays. Anca has known this lady for several years and visited her from time to time, bringing her food. Now this elderly lady has moved to the countryside to a small village to take better care of her "strays", as there was always trouble in Botosani because of this.

The elderly lady moved into a small house with a plot of land where "her" strays can live well. She looks after them, cares for them. Now a pregnant street dog found her way to this elderly lady and gave birth to 9 puppies on her property. All the puppies are lively, playful and people-oriented. The only problem is that the lady cannot take in any more dogs. She simply cannot afford to take care of any more of the animals. Therefore, the lady called various TSVs in and around Botosani and asked for help. All of them gave her a "no", that they could not help her. Then she remembered Anca. She called her and asked for help.

A few days later Anca visited the lady and looked at everything carefully. All the "strays" are in good health. The 9 puppies are also well-fed, playful and lively. Anca promised the lady that she would take care of the 9 puppies if she could leave them here for a while. There is absolutely no more room in her "safe place". The lady was very happy and of course agreed. And the mummy female dog is allowed to stay with the older lady and will of course be neutered soon.

We will report how things are going with the extended family. First of all, the puppies need their vaccinations and later families who would like to adopt them.


17. January 2022

Leona, a young woman and Anca's helper, saw something white lying next to the country road on her way home. When she got closer, she realised it was a large white dog lying curled up there. When Leona approached the dog, it lifted its head and its tail began to wag, but the dog did not get up. Not even when Leona went closer. Only when she stroked him did the dog try to get up, which he could not do. He kept slumping away with his hind legs. Unfortunately, Leona had to leave the dog there. He was just too big to carry and he couldn't stand up.

Leona called Anca and told her about the dog. Since Anca was still in Trusesti, they discussed that Anca would come to Leona and then look after the big white dog. However, this would take some time. It was getting dark and a very cold and strong wind was coming up. When Anca arrived at the spot with Leona, the dog was still lying curled up. Anca tried everything to get the male dog to get up, but in vain. But then together they managed to lift the dog into Anca's car.

The big male was very friendly and had such a sad look in his eyes. After a closer look, Anca estimated him to be about 10 years old. He has probably been kept outside all his life, so his joints have become weak due to the hard lying and the rough weather. He may simply lack the muscles in his hind legs. His owner probably just abandoned him because he is too old now.

At Anca's, the lovely male will now get something tasty to eat and a warm, soft place to sleep.

But this was not the only dog that needed help that evening.

As Anca was about to leave, the two women saw another dog running along the road in the headlights, about 5 metres away. It appeared to be a small dog. Leona got out and walked towards the dog. Anca saw Leona kneel down and the small dog run towards her. Leona took the dog in her arms and hurried back to the car.

It was a small dog boy and he had a red collar on. Anca estimated him to be about 4 months old. There are no houses in this area, only woods and the country road. He was probably abandoned by the road and when he saw the car, he came running, hoping it was his owner. Now the little pelt-nose is safe. We will report how things are going with the dog boy and we hope that we will find a family for him who will never abandon him again.


12. January 2022

A car park on the main road from Botosani to Trusesti is known to be a place where dogs and cats are repeatedly abandoned. Mostly they are puppies. Helpless young dog or cat puppies that would not survive on their own. Anca knows about this place and goes there every day to see if an animal needs help.

This place is also used as a "wild" rubbish dump. And on this day, among all this rubbish, sat a frightened young puppy girl. It was cold and very windy that day. Thank goodness Anca had finished her work earlier than usual, so she got to the site in daylight.

Anca saw the little puppy girl and at first she fled from Anca. The fear was too great. But with patience and gentle words, Anca was able to convince the little girl to come to her, to safety. In the car, Anca saw the full extent of the little girl's physical condition. Wounds, vermin and the fur was stuck together with plant remains and excrement. Anca estimates the little furry girl to be about 8 weeks old. Now the little one is being fed up for the time being.


11. January 2022

Early in the morning, Anca received a message from a student at her school. The young girl asked for help for a little puppy boy she had found on the street about 2 weeks ago. Anca wrote back that she wanted to meet her to see the puppy boy.

This is what happened. Anca met the girl on her way to school. The little puppy boy was about 3 months old and very trusting. The girl told Anca that she would so much like to keep the puppy, but unfortunately her parents did not allow it. So she tried to find a home for the puppy. But in vain. No one wanted to take in a puppy at this time of year.

The girl went on to say that she was completely desperate because her parents wanted to put the puppy back on the street. She told this to her teacher. And her teacher advised her to approach a colleague. This was Anca.

Now the little puppy boy has moved in with Anca and will soon get his first vaccination.


10. January 2022

A mother dog and her 5 puppies were living on the premises of a company. Since the premises were not fenced, the family could come and go as they pleased. The owner of the company let the dog family live there for a while and did nothing against them.

But one day he didn't like the sight of the puppies any more and wanted to get rid of them. He told his workers about this and wanted one of them to catch the puppies and abandon them somewhere. The owner of the company hoped that the bitch would leave as soon as her puppies were gone. So it seemed that the fate of the 5 puppies and their mother would be sealed.

For this job of abandoning the puppies, a worker came forward who happened to be Aca's brother-in-law. And yes, he caught the 5 puppies, but also their mother. But he informed Anca and asked for help for the family of 6.

Of course Anca took in the mother dog and her 5 puppies. She estimated the little ones to be about 3.5 months old. All 6 dogs were full of vermin and had to be treated against these parasites as quickly as possible. It turned out that one of the puppies has a handicap. The little puppy has a deformity of the right front paw. Whether this was a fracture that grew back together completely wrong or whether the little puppy was born with this deformity, we cannot say at the moment. Anca will present the little pelt-nose to her vet and maybe he can tell us more about the cause. But it looks like the little one will lose his front paw or even his whole leg.

We will report on how things are going with the little furry nose. For the time being, the 6 dogs are safe and being nursed back to health.


08. January 2022

In the afternoon, Anca was busy in her garage preparing the food and other things for the next day when her neighbour's daughter came running to her excitedly.

The girl told Anca that she had just seen a small dog at the bus stop. It was also very sweet and friendly, but she didn't know what to do now. Anca asked the girl why she hadn't brought the dog with her if it had been there alone.

Immediately the girl turned and ran off. Some time later she came back, holding the little dog in her arms. It was a little dog girl. Anca estimated her to be about 6 months old. Probably the little dog was simply abandoned at the bus stop.

Now the little pelt-nose was safe, thanks to the attention of the young girl next door :-) The dog girl was given the beautiful name Paulina.


06. January 2022

Today is Trapo Day again!!!

A few dogs have hit the jackpot and can leave Romania. The direction is towards a beautiful dog's life. This day is always connected with a lot of emotions.

But this day is also the first step into a better life for a male dog. This male dog was in the right place at the right time and was seen and taken by the right people.

His story begins when the drivers of the van that was on its way to Anca to pick up its precious passengers saw the male dog on the road. Submissive and friendly, the male dog walked slowly towards the drivers. His face is marked with several scars and ticks sit in his fur. The drivers of the van took the dear male dog with them and asked Anca if she would take him in.

Of course he can move in with Anca. First in quarantine and later in Anca's "safe place". We will report how the lovely male dog will develop and what name he will get.


Anca wrote this about Santa came to Safe Place

Safe place had a really rough year with many cases, lots of extremely expensive treatments for sick animals. Also, we desperately needed food, vaccines and transports. But despite all this, we did it!
At the end of the year, a surprise come to our dogs! Santa brought good food, treats and LOVE for all!

All little souls were spoiled thanks to Aktiv-Tierschutz Lichtblicke e.V. and thanks to donors who cares about. We are so happy to see how a simple day becomes a fantastic holiday for the souls in our care.

Thank you again Aktiv-Tierschutz Lichtblicke e.V. for all your care and efforts and thank you to all donors who see our everyday work and who are with us even on hard moments.

Now we want to show you a little from the good and happy moments with animals, to see the joy you bring.



16. December 2021

Late in the afternoon, a neighbour of Anca's came to her house and in his arms he held 2 young kittens. He told her that he had seen a sack on the bank of the small river where he lived. At first he thought it was just discarded building rubble, but then the sack moved. A little at first, but then more and more. And finally he heard a bright, frightened-sounding mewing.

Anca's neighbour went on to say that he opened the tied-up sack and saw two pairs of frightened eyes looking at him. It was these 2 kittens he now held in his arms. Both girls.

He asked Anca if she could take the two kittens in, because they were still very young, very sweet and trusting. Of course Anca took the two little velvet paws in. They are now in her foster home.

We will report on the two kittens and hope that they will soon find a nice home.


08. December 2021

It was late afternoon when Anca was on her way home. She wanted to stop at the Dealu Mare car park to see if any animals needed help. And, of course, to put out food for the strays. It had snowed lightly during the night and since the temperatures are dropping more and more, the food is vital for some of the street dogs.

When Anca arrived at the car park, there was no one to be seen. She scattered dry food in various places and walked along the edge of the forest there for a while. Anca knows from experience that abandoned animals often hide in the nearby forest in their first fear or run onto the road in panic.

Nothing conspicuous. But then Anca heard something that made her go further into the forest. And there she saw him, an older, large dog, probably waiting there for his owner. Moshu, as Anca would later call the male dog, had probably been waiting here for some time, because he had been scraping away the snow around him. Moshu's look was very sad. He ducked down and his tail did not move. Anca was not sure if the dog wanted to go with her. She would not force him.

But after a short while Moshu wanted to go with Anca and also jumped into the car. From the looks of it, Moshu was a chain dog. His fur was clearly very short on his neck, where his collar sat. Moshu also had bald patches on his body.

Moshu was very introverted during his first days with Anca. He hardly showed any movement. Moshu just sat there. Maybe he was grieving or he just didn't understand why he had lost his "home". Anca tried hard to win Moshu's trust and to make his eyes shine. She succeeded after a few days. Now Moshu lives in the "Safe Place" in the free run and gets along well there.


04. December 2021

One evening at the beginning of December, Leona's mother went out into the garden to check on things before closing up. Suddenly she heard whining noises and cries for help. She tried to find out where these puppy cries were coming from. She guessed the direction but saw nothing in the darkness.

She quickly ran back into the house and called for her daughter and got a torch. She told Leona what she had just heard and set off to search.
There is a dumpster not far from the property. The cries for help came from here, from inside the dumpster. They opened it and saw a small, young puppy lying on a rubbish bag. Quickly Leona took the puppy out of there. It was a girl. The puppy was shivering with cold and fear. Leona put the little furry nose under her jacket and brought it home.

The puppy girl was very lucky that Leona's mother heard the cries and immediately started a search. Now the little girl can stay with Leona's family for the time being.


03. December 2021

At the end of November, an elderly man came and knocked on Aca's front door. She wasn't home yet, so he left. He tried to find Anca a second time in early December and this time he was lucky.

The older man had 2 bitches. One of them had had puppies, which he could place well in his neighbourhood. Now he wanted to have this bitch spayed and asked Anca if she could help him.

Actually, however, the older man was interested in his second bitch. He would soon give up his house and move into a flat in another city. As the flat is rather small, he would not be able to take 2 dogs with him. He would very much like Anca to take in the little dog and find her a nice home.

The next morning, Anca visited the elderly man. The little dog lived on a chain and had "only" a wooden board, placed at an angle, against a fence and some straw. This was her shelter. The little dog was so friendly, so affectionate and cuddly. Anca couldn't say no and took the little bitch to live with her.

Soon we will tell you about this lovely little dog and hope that people will fall in love with her and want to take her home.


02. December 2021

A happy ending for Abby !!!
Unfortunately the foster home has withdrawn their offer at short notice :-(

Abby once had an owner.
Unfortunately, he passed away and since then Abby has been living on the street. But Abby's story begins many years earlier.

The year 2016 - Anca saw Abby for the first time on the way to Trusesti. The dog was standing on the side of the road and was heavily pregnant. But before Anca could stop, Abby was gone. A few days passed and Anca looked for Abby, asked in the small village if Abby had an owner.

And yes, Abby did have an owner. The dog lived quite well there. She had a shelter and some food from time to time. Her owner was poor and gave her as much as he could. However, Abby kept getting pregnant and her puppies always died after a few weeks from puppy disease.

Anca approached Abby's owner to have Abby spayed so that the puppies would stop suffering. Abby's owner was grateful because he could never afford to have her spayed. Anca continued to look after Abby. Every day Anca drove to Abby's home beforehand and every day Abby received her portion of wet food and occasionally a tablet against worms, a spot-on against vermin. Abby was always very happy when she saw Anca.

Abby's owner recently passed away and since then the lovely dog has been living on the streets. Every day Abby waits for Anca outside her late owner's property. Abby is now about 6 years old and the Romanian winter is just around the corner and she has no roof over her head, no place to stay.
Every day she looks after Anca as she drives on again. Is Abby perhaps hoping that Anca will invite her to come along? On 02 December, Anca kept the car door open longer, waiting, waiting for Abby's reaction. And Abby understood and was in the car very quickly.

Now Abby is with Anca in her "safe place" and the happy end is near. The lovely dog has already received a foster home offer from our partner organisation Aktiv Tierschutz Lichtblicke e.V. and will be able to leave the country at the beginning of next year.

Unfortunately the foster home has withdrawn their offer at short notice :-( and Abby is waiting for her happy ending with Anca in Romania.


30. November 2021

Today was market day again in the centre of Trusesti.
Sales stalls are clustered in various places there. One of these places is right in front of Anca's vet's office.

Cristina, one of Anca's helpers and foster carers, was on her way to Anca's vet to get an eye ointment for one of her foster cats when she noticed a small dog running around excitedly between the stalls. Cristina watched the furry nose to find out if the little dog belonged to anyone. Finally, she even asked the market stall people if anyone knew the dog. This was answered in the negative by all of them. So it was clear that the little dog had been abandoned here.

Cristina took the little pelt-nose to Aca's vet and later to her home. Aca's vet estimates the little dog to be about 6 months old. Soon she will get her first vaccination. :-)


24. November 2021

Today was the day.
Today finally ... Anca managed to secure the bitch.
Today finally ... she came to Anca and let herself be touched and opened up to her.

Anca saw the dog for the first time about a month ago. She was standing on the side of the road at the border of the village of Trusesti. When Anca stopped, the dog quickly ran away. Anca left some dry food behind and went to work. Every day, Anca stopped at the same spot and scattered food.


Cristina, one of Anca's helpers, would cycle to the spot and look for the dog in the vicinity. Every now and then she would see her, but Cristiana never got close enough to touch the dog.

The weeks went by and Anca saw the bitch every morning and tried to gain her trust. Closer and closer the bitch came. She even took wet food from Anca's hand, but she was always on guard to back away quickly. The bitch's physical condition got worse and worse. Her coat was thin, falling out in places, plant debris stuck to her coat, and it was matted in places. The dog was probably also full of vermin.

Then came today.
Anca went looking for the dog again and found her a little off the main road. Anca squatted down and opened the food box. The bitch came to her but did not take the food, but came so close to Anca that she could now touch her. Anca stroked her and spoke soft words. She took hold of the dog and carried her to her car. The bitch did not resist, but remained very calm.


Today at last was the day. :-)
Aca's perseverance and calmness was the key to the bitch's trust.

Later it turned out that the bitch had a tumour on her milk line. This was probably the reason why the bitch was abandoned. The tumour was surgically removed and the bitch was spayed at the same time. Now the bitch is recovering at Anca and is being fostered.

We hope to be able to introduce her here soon so that she can find a nice home.


19. November 2021

Today is transport day again.
A few animals are lucky enough to leave Romania today and travel to their families.

Anca is more than full at the moment. She can't take in any more animals because she has absolutely no more space. Neither at the "Safe Place" nor at her foster homes. Therefore, she is more than happy that a few animals can travel and thus places become free.

Just before the van arrived at Anca's, she got a call from one of the drivers. He told her that they had found a little dog. She was wandering among a crowd of people at a bus stop, begging at people. It was possible that the little dog had been abandoned there and was now looking for her owner. The driver went on to say that they had asked the passers-by and waiting people if the dog belonged to anyone, but no one knew anything. So they took the little dog with them.

And now the driver asked if Anca could take the little dog. And of course. The little dog needs a place to stay. Anca estimates the little bitch to be about 1 year old. Soon we will introduce her and hope that someone will fall in love with her and want to adopt her.


15. November 2021

On this day, Anca received another call for help.
It came from a woman who was afraid for her dog's puppies. Her husband threatened to abandon the puppies in the forest. Anca agreed to take in the puppies if in return the mother dog would be spayed. The woman agreed. So they arranged a pick-up date in the afternoon.

When Anca arrived at the family's home, she was able to take 4 puppies, the mama dog to be spayed and another cat, who also belongs to the family, also to be spayed.

But the lady had another request. She asked Anca if she could show her something. The two women went to the neighbour's property. There Anca saw a small dog. She was tied to a chain about 1.5 m short. No hut. No shelter. Nothing. She was defenceless against the weather conditions. An old pot stood there, without contents. And the bitch was emaciated. Ribs and hip bones were clearly protruding. The bitch pressed herself to the ground. Her tail underneath her and whimpered softly. It was terribly painful for Anca to see this bitch like this.

Anca looked at the lady in disbelief. And without thinking any further, Anca cut the chain and took the trembling little dog in her arms. The lady told Anca that the owner had moved away and left the dog behind. Every now and then she gave the dog something to eat. Anca didn't want to say anything more about it. She couldn't say anything more about it, because otherwise she would have exploded, she was so angry.

Anca packed all 7 animals into her car, made an appointment to pick up the mummy dog and the cat from the castration and drove home.

The chain bitch was very calm in her box and whenever Anca spoke softly to her, you could hear her tail tapping on the wall of the box.


15. November 2021

Early in the morning, Anca was on her way to her workplace, Trusesti High School. It was still dark. The streets were wet from the night's rain.

In the headlights, Anca suddenly sees something lying in the middle of the road. She drove slowly past it. It was a cat that had probably been hit by a car while crossing the country road and died. In her mind, Anca said "sorry" to the cat and said goodbye. She looked in the rear-view mirror and suddenly saw that the cat got up, took a few short steps and then collapsed again. Now the cat was lying in the middle of the lane. The next car would surely run it over.

Anca slammed on the brakes. Put the car in reverse and backed up quickly. She got out. Yes, the cat was still alive. Blood was coming out of her nose and muzzle. Its fur was wet and dirty and it was very thin. Carefully, Anca picked up the cat and brought it to safety. Now hurry to Trusesti to her vet.

After Anca had finished her lessons, she picked up the accident cat from her vet and took it home. Her vet did everything to help the cat. Nothing seemed to be broken. Probably the blood was from the impact on the asphalt. Now the cat needs time to recover and recuperate.

We hope so much that she is a fighter and survives all this. Then we will try everything possible to find her a nice home.


14. November 2021

Mid-November - slowly the temperatures are dropping more and more often near the 0 degree mark. And not only at night. Soon the Romanian winter will arrive with all its harshness. A very bad and for many animals deadly season.

Leona, one of Anca's helpers, was on her way home when she saw a dog by a fallow field that wasn't moving. It was just sitting there with its head hanging down. Leona went closer to the dog and spoke to him. Immediately he reacted and looked at her. His tail started to move. Wagging, he came running towards Leona. Joyfully and with shining eyes, Galina, as Leone would later call the young dog, licked her hands. Now it was impossible for Leona not to take the bitch home with her.

For a while, Galina was allowed to stay with Leona, as Anca had absolutely no space left. Soon we will introduce the young, about 8 months old, lovely and friendly bitch and hope that she will soon find a forever home.


11. November 2021

In between, Anca also has to tidy up her garage :-), which is currently still used as a storage room for donations. In the middle of her tidying up, she looks forward to the entrance because she had a feeling she was being watched.

Yes, that's right. Her feeling did not deceive her.
There was a dog at the entrance.
Anca went up to him. It was a young bitch, around 2 years.
And she was so friendly and ... full of ticks.

Of course, Anca interrupted her clean-up work and freed the bitch from the very, very many ticks. Afterwards, as a reward for staying still for so long, she was given a delicious large portion of wet food.

Anca suspects that the dog was abandoned in front of her house. Now she is recovering and we will introduce her soon so that the lovely young dog gets a chance to find a forever home.


10. November 2021

Anca received a text message late in the evening from a lady in Botosani. She wrote that she had seen 5 puppies in a house entrance. The puppies were already starting to run around there. Someone had also put some dry dog food there.

Anca wrote back to the lady asking if she could take the puppies until she came to pick them up. The lady agreed and Anca set off for the city limits of Botosani.

5 puppies - 3 girls and 2 boys - aged just 8 weeks approximately. Abandoned in the middle of the night at a house on the outskirts of Botosani. In November, a month when the temperature can be in the single digits at night.

Now the 5 puppies are safe with Anca. First they are in quarantine and soon they will get their first vaccination. We hope that they are strong and will survive.

If you would like to support Anca with the vaccination costs, please contact:
Britta Gebauer, e-mail:

or to our partner association Aktiv Tierschutz Lichtblicke e.V.


09. November 2021

Someone told Anca about a dog that kept crossing the main highway. She would run around aimlessly. Back and forth, then stopping again in the middle of the road, looking around, only to run back again. Such were the words Anca heard from this someone. Anca had the place described to her and drove there.

When Anca arrived at the place she had described, she saw a bitch standing in the middle of the road. She did not move. Thank God no car was coming at that moment.

Anca went to the bitch, holding chunks of wet food in her hand. The bitch was thin and so hungry. The dog quickly came to her, ate the wet food and then licked her hands. Anca estimated the dog girl to be around one year.

It was only when Anca was about to put the female dog into a transport box that she saw that someone had cut off half of her tail. The wound was already very infected. Anca went straight to her vet.


08. November 2021

Anca received a message from a gentleman that morning. He wrote to her that he was working at the village border of Trusesti and on his way there he saw a bitch with her 3 puppies. The puppies were still quite young and the mummy bitch was very trusting. He suspected that the little family had been "dumped / disposed of" there.

As Anca was still at home, she could not come to Trusesti so quickly to bring the little family to safety. She asked the gentleman if it would be possible for him to take the little family until she came to pick them up. The man agreed and even brought the bitch and her puppies to his home. There his wife took care of the little dog family until Anca came to pick them up.

Now the mum and her 3 puppies are with Anca at the "Safe Place" and are being fostered.

We hope that the 3 puppies will survive. They are still very young. We keep our fingers crossed for the little fur babies.


07. November 2021

A student from Anca was on her way home when she found a small dog at the village border of Trusesti. This dog was lying curled up in the grass by the side of the road. She was so thin and weak, she hardly moved. The girl had some bread left over from her breakfast and gave it to the dog. But she just doesn't want to eat.

Normally, starving dogs eat food greedily, but with this dog it was worrying that she refused the piece of bread. The student called Anca and told her about the dog. Anca was still at school and had lessons. She asked the student with the dog to go to her vet, who had his practice not far from where the dog was found.

It turned out that the little dog had babesiosis. Anca's vet gave her a medicine against it. Soon the dog would feel better. But if Aca's student hadn't found the dog, she would have died soon. The dog would not have survived much longer after the outbreak of babesiosis and without treatment.

Now the little dog can recover with Anca and regain her strength.


04. November 2021

In Botosani, there are several clubs for young people who do voluntary work. One of them is a media/newspaper club called Buzz Media. For a long time, Anca was a very active member there. Even today she is regularly invited to Buzz Media events.

A small group of young people from Buzz Media met after an event to exchange views. A young girl happened to see a small dog sitting close to a parked car. She took the little puppy boy in her arms as he was shaking very badly. Together with their friends, they thought about who they could ask for help.

Of course, Anca immediately came to mind. The young people knew about Anca's passion for helping dogs and cats. Anca could not come to Botosani immediately to pick up the little one. She was still on the road and it would take some time. The finder assured Anca that she would look after the little one until she could come. They all waited together for 2 hours in the cold to hand over the little boy to Anca. They were happy to wait because they were happy to be able to save a dog's life.

This gives Anca great hope that through next generations life will change for the better for dogs and cats.


01. November 2021

Early in the morning, Anca was on her way to Trusesti as usual. In the meantime, she received a message from a lady. The woman wrote to her that she had found a small, young kitten. This would sit in the middle of the road and cry. Fortunately, the cars drove past her. Sometimes very close.

Anca asked where the kitten was. Which street. The lady described the way to this street to Anca. But she herself could not wait because she had to go to work. Anca hurried and hoped to reach the kitten in time, before a cat hater ran over the little furry nose.

Thank God, the kitten was still alive and still squatting in the middle of the road, not moving an inch. Anca rushed to the kitten, addressed it. In a flash, the little furry nose turned towards Anca and ran screaming towards her. Maze, as Anca would later call the little one, was so thin, but when she was in Anca's arms, Maze no longer screamed. She snuggled against Anca's chest and purred.


26. October 2021

The road between Botosani and Trusesti has been under construction for a long time. In places, the road is without asphalt. Instead, there is gravel and sand, deep depressions. It is only possible to drive very slowly on these sections. Large trucks stand at the side waiting to be loaded.

Anca was on her way home, which takes almost twice as long due to these construction works. Due to the deep depressions, she could only drive slowly and had to stop again and again to let trucks through. Then Anca saw a tail on a tyre behind a big truck and then the dog belonging to it. She asked the construction workers if the little dog belonged to any of the men here. This was answered in the negative. Anca stopped at the side and went to the little dog.

It was a friendly, young puppy girl. Anca estimated her age to be about 4 months. It seemed that the little girl was very happy to get out of the danger zone there now.


22. October 2021

22. October was a very emotional, intense day for Anca.
Like every day, Anca was out and about in and around Trusesti, helping and feeding street dogs. Late in the afternoon, she was on her way home, but stopped again at the car park near Dealu Mare to see if there was an animal that needed help.

When Anca got to the car park, she didn't see a dog. But she did notice a white sack tied to a bush about a metre above the ground. It was clear to Anca at that moment, there were puppies in the sack.

These moments are hell. The blood pressure shoots up. You get hot and cold in turns. You don't know what's coming. Are the puppies still alive? Can she still help them?

Anca struggles to get the sack off the bush. When she managed and was able to open the sack, she saw 6 newborn puppies. The puppies were only a few hours old. The umbilical cord was only partially dried.

A castration would prevent so much suffering and pain.

Now the question was, where could a mama dog be found so quickly? Time was running out for the 6 newborn puppies. Anca made phone calls. Finally she found a bitch with 3 newborn puppies of her own in a public shelter.

Now it was a case of waiting and hoping that the bitch would accept the 6 foreign puppy babies. And yes, she accepted them and the 6 little ones are allowed to drink. But still we have to wait and hope. Hoping that there is still enough time for the 6 little furry noses.


21. October 2021

On this day, Nicu, a young man and foster carer of Anca, came home from his work and surprisingly found a puppy girl in his garden.
How the little dog got there was not quite clear to Nicu at first. The garden gate was locked. Someone must have put it over his fence into his garden. There was really no other way.

The little puppy was very trusting and very hungry. Nicu estimates the little girl to be about 10 weeks old. The little girl was allowed to stay with Nicu for the first few days until Anca could pick her up from him. Now the little girl is being nursed and soon she will get her first vaccination.


20. October 2021

Botosani, a park in the middle of the city. A lady was walking in this park when she noticed a young puppy. He was sitting under a bench. Alone. Far and wide, no one to whom this little pelt could belong. No collar or harness.

The lady sat down by the little puppy and stroked it. It was a little girl. Her look, so lost and sad. She felt sorry for the little puppy girl, only what could she do. Then she remembered Ioana, an acquaintance of her family and Anca's helper. She called Ioana and asked for help for the little dog.

Now the little one is with Anca in the "Safe Place" and will soon get her first vaccination.

If you would like to support Anca with the vaccination costs, please contact:
Britta Gebauer, e-mail:

or to our partner association Aktiv Tierschutz Lichtblicke e.V.


19. October 2021

Anca was on her way home and wanted to stop at the car park between Trusesti and Botosani to put out food for the street dogs that came here in the evening to fill their empty stomachs.

When Anca stopped, she already saw that another puppy had been abandoned at the car park and was waiting there. And next to the puppy, another young kitten was running around. Both kittens quickly came running when Anca called them. They are both girls. Both are so sweet and friendly. And both were so happy that Anca took them with her.

We will never know if they were found at the car park or if they were abandoned at the car park by the same unscrupulous person. But what we do know is that the two kittens get along well and like each other.

We hope that both furry noses will make it and that we will eventually be able to find a home for a dog girl together with her cat friend.


18. October 2021

That day in the afternoon, Anca was already at home because she had to do paperwork. Then she answered e-mails and enquiries about her dogs. On Facebook, she read how a lady was looking for the owner of a little dog. This little dog was found in a pedestrian zone in Botosani centre. Anca watched the call. No one came forward.

Then her mobile phone rang and on the line was the woman who had started the appeal on Facebook. She asked Anca for help for the little dog who was sitting there so lost in the pedestrian zone. The lady suspected that someone had left the little pelt-nose there.

Actually, Anca has no more room in her "Safe Place".
Actually, she couldn't take in any more dogs.
But she couldn't bring herself to take the little dog in either, to refuse to help her. The lady promised to take care of the dog until Anca came to pick her up.

Now Tinka, as the dog is now called, is with Anca and soon we will try to find loving people for her who will never abandon her again.


18. October 2021

Anca arrived at her workplace, Trusesti High School, that morning to find a small male cat in the courtyard. The little velvet paw was very thin and she estimated him to be about 3.5 months old. The little one was crying so much. He was hungry and felt so alone.

Since Anca still had some time before her school lessons started, she quickly drove to Cristina's and brought her the little black cat. There he first got something to eat and then he got to know the other animals in the foster home. Cats and dogs. And the little boy was so happy not to be alone anymore :-)


17. October 2021

A rest area between Botosani and Trusesti is unfortunately used again and again by the locals as a final destination for their abandoned or unwanted pets. Anca has often found dogs and cats abandoned there. Simply left to their own devices. And those who did this didn't care at all what would become of their animals. Often it happens that the animals run in panic on the highway and are run over there, because hardly anyone brakes for an animal.

Ioana, one of Anca's helpers, was on her way home from Suceava and quickly drove past this rest area to check whether an animal needed help.

Sure enough, there was a dog standing at the curb, waiting. Waiting for its owner to come back and take it away. Ioana called the dog to her and Mishu, as she would later call him, was so happy and so pleased about it. Someone was there. Someone was taking him home again.

Mishu's fur was so dirty and matted, so many ticks were on his body. Only when Ioana patted him down did she realize how thin the dog was.

Now Mishu is with Anca in the "Safe Place" and is being fed up.


16. October 2021

One emergency after the other :-(

Cristi is only 4.5 months young and already had to endure hellish pain. The young cat had a collision with a car and survived only barely. But his pelvis broke in the collision.

Cristi was found by an animal-loving person. It was by chance and by a roundabout way Cristi came into Aca's care and to Cristina's foster home.

Cristi was presented to two vets. The first one wanted to put the little cat to sleep immediately and the second one saw in the X-ray pictures a possibility to straighten Cristi's pelvis with wire and to reconstruct it partly. A difficult operation, but Aca's vet wanted to try it. We would also like to give Cristi this chance, because as small and young as Cristi is, his fighting spirit and will to live is so strong.

This link will take you to Cristi's emergency fur page.
Here we will inform you about Cristi's recovery.


15. October 2021

Cristina searched the immediate vicinity of her house/property. She heard strange noises and didn't really know who or what was causing them. She couldn't figure out where it was coming from, because at some point these noises had stopped.

Instead, Cristina found this ... a wire trap for animals.
Usually these traps are set by hunters or even farmers to "teach dogs/cats a lesson".

"Dogs/cats "steal" chickens or their eggs and have to be punished for it so they don't do it anymore." Thus the statement from a farmer. But that there is a vital reason why dogs/cats "steal" chickens is pure, painful hunger.

Animals that get caught in such a wire trap with their paw or even leg suffer hellish pain. The wire tightens more and more, cuts into the flesh, cuts off the blood supply. If the wire is not removed in time, the affected part of the body dies. An infection threatens and possibly the death of the animal. But in the meantime, the animal suffers terrible pain. The dog or cat can no longer walk properly, can no longer provide itself with food, is at the mercy of stronger conspecifics on the street.

And exactly THAT is the purpose of the person who lays these traps.
A lesson/punishment until death.


10. October 2021

Anca received a call from an acquaintance. She told Anca that a man in her neighbourhood had several dogs and often beat and kicked them. Now she had heard that this neighbour wanted to abandon a young dog because its injury would not heal. She followed this man and was able to prevent the dog from being dumped in a bag in a wooded area. Now she had the young dog with her and asked Anca for help for Mikey.

Anca took Mikey to her home and later presented him to her vet. Mikey was probably kicked several times and this when he was much younger than now. These kicks have broken his left hind leg. This leg is stiff and it shows that there is hardly any muscle on this leg. The little one cannot use this leg and the paw keeps dragging on the ground.

The x-rays show an old fracture that has grown back together very badly. In addition, the nerves in this leg have been damaged and severed by the breaking of the bones. Surgery would not help Mikey use his leg again. Anca's vet believes the only way to improve Mikey's quality of life is to amputate the leg.
Anca consults a second vet to be sure, who agrees with the first and recommends amputation. Anca agreed, Mikey will have the operation.

This link will take you to the Mikey Notfelle page.
Here we will inform you about Mikey's recovery.


09. October 2021

Anca heard from an acquaintance that his neighbour wanted to have her dog castrated. However, the lady was a bit older, didn't have a car and the nearest vet would be a 30-minute drive away. So it would not be possible for the old lady to have her bitch castrated. Anca got the phone number to offer her help to the old lady.

A few days later, Anca visited the old lady and found a very loving and affectionate little dog. Anca learned that the dog slept outside. She had no hut, just an old dirty cardboard on which she lay. Soon winter would come, often with temperatures as low as minus 20°C or even minus 25°C at night, and the little dog would only have this old, skinny, dirty cardboard.

Anca took the dog in her arms. The little dog enjoyed this very much and snuggled up to Anca, gave her kisses. Anca found it so hard, but what could she do. How could she help the little dog? The old lady noticed this and told Anca that she could take the dog. Actually, she doesn't want a dog at all.

And so Mariana is now living in the "Safe Place" until we find a loving family for her.


08. October 2021

Some children from the orphanage in Trusesti found a little puppy girl when they were playing behind the grounds of the home. They quickly realised that something was wrong with the puppy. They sought advice from an older child who also lived at the orphanage. Anca was called to tell them about the puppy.

As Anca was travelling in Trusesti, she went to the orphanage and looked at the little puppy girl. The puppy was limp, hardly moving, not drinking, not eating. Externally, there was nothing that she could have. Only the gums were very pale. So the little one probably had an infection, but from what? Anca took the puppy girl with her and went straight to her vet.

From the looks of it, it could be that the little one had babesiosis. She was given medication by Anca's vet and now we have to wait and see if the medication works.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for the puppy girl.
Struggles ...


08. October 2021

At the beginning of October, Anca received a call from a young woman. She told her that she had taken in a bitch from the street a few weeks ago. However, it turned out that this bitch was pregnant and gave birth to 4 puppies. Now the puppies were already a few weeks old. The family would like to keep one puppy and of course the mummy bitch, but to keep more dogs they simply lacked the financial means. The puppies would be lively, healthy, very people-oriented and affectionate. Anca agreed to come and see the dog family as soon as she could find the time.

The following day, Anca visited the family in their home. Yes, it is true that the family lived in very humble and poor conditions, but the puppies, as well as the mama dog, were in good health and physical condition. So the two women found a compromise. The family would continue to take care of the puppies until they were old enough to live without their mother and move in with Anca in her "safe place". And they would have to agree that the mama dog would then be castrated. They would also have to agree that the puppy they wanted to keep would also be castrated later. The woman agreed to everything and was very happy that "her" puppies would be in good hands.


07. October 2021

On the same day that Anca had freed the small, delicate dog from the heavy chain (report is one post down), someone told her that an old lady lived in a small village near Trusesti. This old lady had a chained dog that she could no longer take care of. The neighbours would throw the dog something to eat from time to time.

Anca visited the old lady and found out that the dog had been living with her for a very, very long time. She did not know how long or how old the dog was. She only knew that the dog had lived on a chain all her life. But now she would no longer be able to take care of the female dog.

Anca looked at the female dog. She was in a very bad physical condition. Mange, covered in vermin, bald patches all over her body and she had a problem with one eye. It looks like the nictitating membrane or the 3rd eyelid has "slipped". Anca would have to go to her vet to find out more. But the dog was very sweet and got along well with her fellow dogs. Anca couldn't bring herself to take the dog with her, even though she didn't have any space left in her "safe place". But the dog could not stay there with the old lady. So the older Schnauzer-mix lady moved in with Anca, where she is being cared for and given medication against mange and parasites.


07. October 2021

A very small, tender, young male dog lived with an old lady for a few weeks. At some point he got tired of her and she put a chain around his neck and tied him outside her house. The chain was heavy and it seemed as if this chain was bigger than the little male who now has to wear it. No hut, no container with water or food. Only now and then the old lady came and gave her dog some leftover food.

By chance, Anca learned about the difficult fate of the small, tender male dog. She visited the old lady and spoke to her about the little dog that was supposed to guard her house. A dog that begged for attention and petting. The old lady asked Anca: "do you want him, take him with you. I don't need him and I don't want him".

Anca removed the heavy chain from his neck and the little male licked Anca's hands in return. Now the little male (still without a name) is safe with Anca. Facebook