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One of the top priorities of animal welfare is the prevention of further offsprings. No matter if it is cats, or dogs.

Anca is striving to realize this goal more and more.

Anca tries to gain the trust of stray dogs and cats, so she can later have them castrated. After a short recovery, she gets them used to feeding spots, which enables her to care for them regularly. These feeding spots are visited by her once a day to provide the animals with food and water, but also to check if any of them needs medical attention, or if any newcomers have found their way to the feeding spot.

On top of that, Anca treats "her" stray dogs and cats regularly with spot-on preparations against parasites, like ticks or fleas. Additionally, she administers a deworming treatment.

Especially in rural regions in and around the municipality Trusesti, a lot of residents keep dogs of either sex together. This again and again leads to unwanted puppies being born. The owners don’t want to, or can’t care for them and thus these little ones are, often while they’re still very young, taken away from their mothers and abandoned somewhere to die.

This brings us to another one of Anca’s goals: to walk to the dog and cat owners, talk to them about the importance of having their animals castrated and to convince them to take this step. This helps preventing unwanted offspring in advance, and thus unnecessary suffering of animals.

Sadly, not all owners are able to afford having animals spayed. This is where Anca offers help. In collaboration with a veterinarian she has brought a project to life, that enables people with low income to have their animals castrated while paying a for them manageable amount. More and more residents are taking this opportunity.


Another one of Anca’s goals is to improve the living conditions and quality of life of watchdogs on farms and in yards.


• Often these dogs at chain are suffering a pitiful life on the chain. No matter their age, height or sex, they’re spending their whole life on a short, sometimes barely one meter long, chain. Often the collar is just made up of a far too small chain.

• Often dogs at chain are rarely or insufficiently fed or provided with water.

• Often dogs at chain only have a hard floor to lie down on. No shelter, no hut to hide under, to shield themselves from summer’s high temperatures. Or to be sheltered from winter’s icy, sometimes in the double digits below zero, temperatures and masses of snow. To stay dry when autumn arrives with it’s constant rainfall.

• Often dogs at chain are suffering from parasites or skin afflictions.

• Often female dogs at chain, forced to live on the chain, are impregnated whenever they’re in heat, since they’re unable to get away from male dogs. And these unwanted puppies will be taken away from their mothers, sometimes just hours or a few weeks after their birth, and simply left somewhere at the side of a road or the forest to die.

Through conversations with owners of dogs at chain, Anca tries to change the thought-patterns of people. To explain, what kind of needs dogs have and which problems have to be corrected. Often it is simply ignorance on the side of the owner, but very often it is simply indifference.

Anca is always looking for solutions to make the life of watchdogs more bearable. May it be with a better fitting collar, a longer chain (maybe even with one hour of free roaming),food and water at least once a day, treatment with spot on preparations and regular deworming, maybe with castration or a hut (eventually with their own blanket waiting inside). These are all the little and big steps that make the life of dogs at chain a little more worth living.

But to able to reach all of these goals, Anca needs YOUR help.


Your support of Anca’s "Project Trusesti " is greatly appreciated.
Patronage of food, vaccination and castrations
are always welcome and direly needed.

If you want to support Trusesti’s stray animals,
please send an email to:

Britta Gebauer, E-Mail:


Or to our partnered association in Germany:
Aktiv Tierschutz Lichtblicke e.V.
Wilhelmine Traut


Source: Pfotenhilfe ohne Grenzen e.V. - with kind permission. Facebook