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Animals for godparenthood


In this section, we would like to introduce you
to various animals that would be very happy
about a (permanent) sponsorship.

For various reasons, the best solution for individual animals is to leave them in their familiar surroundings and not look for a new home outside of Romania.

The reasons for this would be, for example: ...
... that a dog/cat has been living with his foster family or in a certain place in Romania for a long time, has integrated well and a move to another, a foreign environment would be very stressful for him/her.

... that a dog/cat is afraid of people, refuses to be handled and even bites, so that resocialization, if possible at all, would involve extremely high risks for the new family - as well as for the dog/cat itself.

... that a dog/cat has an owner who is so poor that he simply cannot afford to provide proper care, but still loves their pet and treats it well.

In order to make these dogs/cats' lives a little more beautiful, easier, and more pleasant, we are looking for sponsors who will enable Anca to buy important things through a monthly sponsorship - for example, food or special diets, medication, an insulated doghouse, regular vaccinations, de-worming, parasite treatments and much more.


Straydog, female

Age: around 4 years (born ca. 2016)
Height: app. 45 cm

Gipsy is vaccinated and castrated.

Her story, pictures and videos please click here


Foster dog

Age: around 9 years (born ca. 2012)
Height: app. 52 cm

Rex is vaccinated and castrated.

His story, pictures and videos please click here

Roxy, Hera and Lucas

Straydogs pack at the orphanage

Age: around 5, 9 and 3 years

All three dogs are vaccinated and castrated.

Their story, pictures and videos please click here

Straydogs pack

The pack consists of five dogs.
At the near of the train station

is not known
All five dogs are castrated.

Their story, pictures and videos please click here
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