Stray dog, female

app. 2 years (born app. 2020)
Height: over 50 cm

Rada is vaccinated and castrated.

Why is Rada looking for supporters?

Her story:
Cristina, a helper and foster carer of Anca, noticed a newly arrived dog at her workplace at the end of September. A very pretty dog, but fearful of people. Cristina put down her food and tried to gain her trust. Rada appreciated this and came every day to fill her stomach.

After a few days, Rada remained unseen. Cristina suspected that Rada might have moved on. But then the next day Rada appeared, limping. Her front leg had a deep wound and she could not walk. Rada had probably had a car accident.

Cristina told Anca about Rada and both women decided to help Rada. But since the pretty dog is not very trusting and does not let herself be touched, they called Anca's vet for help. He used a blowpipe to anaesthetise the dog so that Rada could be brought to his practice. There, her leg was treated and Rada was castrated at the same time.

Now Rada lives freely with Cristina on her fenced-in property. She has a hut, is provided with food and is safe. Rada feels very comfortable in her "home" and is happy with the way it is. She loves to lie in the sun and always get fresh water and enough food. We hope that Rada may eventually trust humans again.

Sponsorship 25 EUR per month
(contains food, deworming, parasite treatment, annual vaccination)
Partial sponsorship is possible

If you would like to support Rada with a permanent sponsorship, please contact us:

Britta Gebauer, E-Mail: info@animals-safe-place.com
Aktiv Tierschutz Lichtblicke e.V., w.traut@aktivtierschutzlichtblicke.de

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